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Category Archives for "Parents Corner"

Nature Play For Toddlers

Nature play isn’t a new thing, in fact, toddlers and kids of all ages have been indulging in nature play for centuries. The difference is these days it’s become alarmingly less the norm due to the advances in technology and extended periods of screen time. Our generation has also become more risk averse, concerned about […]

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Why Our Childcare Philosophy Is A Bit Different

We do things differently at Little Scholars. Our childcare philosophy is unique and we’re proud of it.Our approach to childcare is philosophically different to other centres. Our focus incorporates the whole family as opposed to just the child attending our centre. We understand that your child is your entire world and that, by reflection, you […]

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We’re Delaying Prep – And This Is Why!

Delaying Prep. It seems that as a parent you just cannot win, no matter what decision you make. Once your child reaches school age, it seems that everyone becomes an expert in primary education and it can make you question your own decisions. Our decision to delay Prep for our son was an emotional one and […]

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Horse Riding Brisbane and Gold Coast for Toddlers and Young Children

Horse riding has many benefits for young children. Far beyond cute photo opportunities, this is an outdoors activity that can have impressive social, emotional and physical benefits for young riders.Allowing children to get up close and personal with these peaceful and majestic animals can be quite spectacular. These creatures are both incredibly imposing physically yet […]

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Free To Good Home – One Three-Year-Old!

Hell hath no fury like a toddler whose cup is orange when he really wanted blue. Ah yes, three-year-old tantrums. It’s a rite of passage that no parent can ever truly prepare for. It’s like something out of a horror film. There you are, minding your own business in the canned vegetables aisle. Suddenly, a […]

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Japanese classes Brisbane

Japanese Classes May Do More Than Teach Children Japanese!

Japanese classes for our earliest learners are more than just an opportunity for them to engage in learning an additional language. They provide both opportunity and outlet for personal and social development, cognitive and developmental growth, the attainment of key learning skills and an appreciation for cultures other than their own.How can learning a language […]

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