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Early Learning Centres should follow the standards laid out by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This is documentation that covers the educational, social, emotional and physical development of children in early years care prior to starting formal education

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What is the Early Years Learning Framework?

The framework is designed to ‘maximise (the) learning potential (of young children) and to establish the fundamental basis for future success in learning.’ The ‘theme’ of the framework is ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming’ and seeks to provide a scaffold through which children can begin to discover their own identities and make sense of their place in the world.

The National Quality Standard houses the EYLF and it aims to promote:

The safety, health and wellbeing of all children

A strong focus on the achievement of positive outcomes via high-quality educational programs

A national standard for what makes a ‘quality service’ that can be understood by both providers and families

Both of these legislative curriculum frameworks combine to assist children to transition from birth to school through engagement in an innovative, dynamic curriculum that maximises their learning potential.

Does play-based learning fit in?

Many centres claim that they embrace play-based learning in their childcare programs but not all centres are created equal. While the ELYF and the NQS express the need for play-based learning in early childhood development, it is not a concept that is as widely embraced by all centres as it should be.

Little Scholars ensures that children are exposed to play-based learning as well as a curriculum and extra-curriculum program that allow all learners to become excited and engaged by pedagogical activities.

Elements of the Early Years Learning Framework

The most important thing to remember with this educational framework is that the well-being, safety and education of the child is paramount at all times.

There are three fundamental elements that support this approach to early years development in your early learning centre.


  • Relationships are secure, respectful and reciprocal

  • Partnerships are healthy and important

  • There are high expectations and equal treatment

  • There is respect for diversity

  • There is ongoing professional learning for educators who engage in reflective practice


  • There are holistic (whole child and learner) approaches to learning and teaching

  • There is a responsiveness to the needs of children

  • There is a focus on learning through play

  • There are intentional teaching times and activities

  • There are innovative, dynamic learning environments

  • There is cultural competence

  • There is continuity of learning and transitions between classrooms and year levels

  • There is some assessed learning (formative) that is reported to parents

Learning outcomes

  • Children have a strong sense of identity

  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world

  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

  • Children are confident and involved learners

  • Children are effective communicators

Little Scholars and the Early Years Learning Framework

Little Scholars puts the EYLF at the forefront when it comes to curriculum and pedagogical development. The intense focus on the needs and development of the child, and the creation of an environment where every learner is encouraged to succeed, means that unique, child-specific learning spaces have been created for each and every child.

Little Scholars and academic potential

A curriculum that embraces nature, technology, literacy and numeracy means that children who are fortunate enough to attend Little Scholars will transition to prep with comparative ease when examined alongside the rest of their cohort.

Little Scholars and extra-curricular learning

The exciting extra-curricular program at Little Scholars includes sport, Japanese lessons and cooking classes. This allows children to not only transfer their learning to different contexts but to connect with different skills and cognitive processes to tap into completely new ways of thinking. Specialised teachers provide the opportunity for Little Scholars Early Learning Centre children to find early role models who are positive, educational influences on their young minds. These specialist teachers are highly trained and skilled in their subject areas; confidently and competently laying the building blocks for the children to create strong educational foundations

Little Scholars and Small Green Steps

A focus on sustainability and natural environments at Little Scholars encourages young learners to build a healthy respect for their environment and encourage them to be custodians of it moving forward. Sustainable practices like recycling and repurposing are part of the vernacular at Little Scholars and this is a positive mindset that travels with the children well after they have transitioned into formal education.

Little Scholars and prep transition

The intention of the Early Years Learning Framework is ultimately to prepare children for prep and beyond. Little Scholars has developed a strong, intuitive prep transition program where children are introduced to the world of school expectations and classroom work. Prep can be difficult for many children so Little Scholars keeps the well-being of its students in mind by preparing them as best as possible for life outside of kindy walls.

Early Years Learning Framework – mandated for all, embraced by some

The Early Years Learning Framework is what is supposed to separate early learning centres from neighbourhood playgrounds. There is supposed to be planned, intentional learning taking place that taps into the academic, social, cultural, emotional and physical potential of all the children who come through a centre’s doors. While all early learning centres are supposed to embrace this nationally mandated set of standards, there are a few who do so more enthusiastically than others.

Little Scholars is the place for children whose parents want them to become excited by learning. It’s the place for children to explore their creativity, physicality and academic ability. It’s the place for families to connect with learning early on so that their experiences in formal schooling are positive.

Is Little Scholars the early learning centre for you and your child? Come and book a tour to see the EYLF in action – the way it was intended to be.

Your child’s journey to discovery starts here.

Together, let’s build the foundations for a lifetime of learning,
from our family to yours.

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