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Our benefits package

Having a career at The Scholars Group isn't just be about having a ‘job’; it’s about having a great life at the same time!

We want to make sure that you as an employee can enhance your life both at work and at home by providing access to a great range of benefits.

At Little Scholars you will always have your team, fellow peers and manager to support you with work and personal related matters.

We want to make sure that you as an employee can enhance your life both at work and at home by providing access to a great range of benefits.


Access to subsidised flu jabs, seminars, financial advice, and more.


You receive 60% discount on your childcare fees.


We have tenure bonuses available for our educators.


Full uniforms and hats are provided free of charge.

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If applicable, you may be entitled to Education Assistance, which means we will reimburse an agreed amount of the cost of education fees, including course fees and approved textbooks, on the successful completion of each unit/course module/course.


We offer two days of paid study leave per calendar year for the purposes of exam preparation, exam attendance or assignment completion. Extended unpaid leave of up to two weeks may be taken for the same purpose.


At Little Scholars we encourage and support you to work towards achieving your potential and to succeed in your role. We have a Learning & Development pathway from induction onwards that will enhance your understanding of the sector as a whole.


We have an active social calendar with many events throughout the year to bring everyone together, reward success and have some fun.


Little Scholars Crew Christmas Party- Learning & Development Day- Annual Employee Awards – Team building events such as Bridge to Brisbane, Chef Master Class etc.


Each employee receives an end-of-year present and voucher as a thank-you for your contribution throughout the year.

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Employee Assistance Program

Caring for others is rewarding but emotionally it can take a toll on your well-being. Sometimes you need to look after yourself so you can better give to others. Because you matter too. Our experienced counsellors provide understanding and immediate confidential support to help you through challenging times. All of our Little Scholars employees have access to our Employee Assistance Program.


At Little Scholars we are all about learning and creating amazing experiences for children and we completely understand that takes lots and lots of resources. That is why we pride ourselves on the fact that educators never have to use any of their own funds for classroom resources, equipment or supplies.

Above Award Wages

We are all about going above and beyond at Little Scholars for our educators and that is why we always pay our educators above the award rate.

Time Off

We know there are times when you wish to take time off for recreation, holiday or other responsibilities. In addition to your entitlement to annual leave and personal leave, we offer other leave options which include:


All permanent employees with at least 12 months of continuous service are entitled to 1 paid day off per year.


Up to 4 hours paid leave every six months.


Up to 6 months extended unpaid leave, linked to personal development (studies, training etc.), may be taken as an extension of the standard leave days.


You are entitled to be absent from work for the purpose of performing volunteer service work in times of emergency, crisis, or disaster.


Permanent employees are entitled to access 1 of the personal leave days per year to use as wellness days.

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