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Love your job…. Work at Little Scholars

Having a career at Little Scholars shouldn’t just be about having a ‘job’; it’s about having a great life at the same time! We have a great range of benefits that can enhance your life both at work and at home.

Grow With Little Scholars

EDUCATION ASSISTANCE – If applicable, you may be entitled to Education Assistance, which means we will reimburse an agreed amount of the cost of education fees, including course fees and approved text books, on the successful completion of each unit/course module/course.

STUDY LEAVE – We offer two days paid study leave per calendar year for the purposes of exam preparation, exam attendance or assignment completion. Extended unpaid leave of up to two weeks may be taken for the same purpose.

LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT – At Little Scholars we encourage and support you to work towards achieving your potential and to succeed in your role. We have a Learning & Development pathway from induction onwards that will enhance your understanding of the sector as a whole.

Yearly EventsWe have an active social calendar with many events throughout the year to bring everyone together, reward success and have some fun.

EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR:– Little Scholars Crew Christmas Party- Learning & Development Day- Annual Employee Awards event- Team building events – Bridge toBrisbane, Chef Master Class etc

END OF YEAR GIFT – Each employee receives an end of year present and voucher as a thank you for your contribution throughout the year.

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We want to make sure that you as a co-worker can enhance your life both at work and at home by providing access to a great range of benefits.

Our Benefits Package

At Little Scholars you will always have your team, fellow peers and manager tosupport you with work and personal related matters.

there’s more…


WELLBEING – Access to subsidised flu jabs, seminars, financial advice and more.

UNIFORM – Full uniform and hat is provided free of charge.

CAR PARKING – Free and convenient car parking is provided (exceptions mayoccur).

DISCOUNT – You receive 15% discount on your childcare fees.

Your financial future

SUPERANNUATION – From day one, The Scholars Group offer you access to a great superannuation scheme with Guild Super (an Industry Super Fund) which has low annual fees and many investment options available. The benefit does not stop there as your family members can also join Guild Super and take advantage of their low fees!

SUPERSUPER – We have partnered with the industry leading super program, Guild Super to help The Scholars Group employees to add more to their super, every day, without increasing your cost of living. SUPERSUPER is a shop-and-save super rewards program.

They have teamed up with hundreds of retailers to offer cash rewards that are added to your superannuation account. You can shop your favourite brands and retire richer. So, keep doing what you’re doing, and get more super.

The Needs of your Family

We know that spending time with yourfamily is important to you, and we wantto make sure you’re working with theneeds of your loved ones.

PAID PARENTAL LEAVEIn addition to your legislative rights,paid parental leave is offered to allpermanent employees with a minimumof one year’s service.

FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL LEAVEWe understand that commencingschool for the first time is an importantmilestone for both you and your child;therefore, we give all permanentemployees one day paid leave for thispurpose – irrespective of your length ofservice.

FLEXIBLE WORKING ARRANGEMENTSBy working together to balance theneeds of our customers, the businessand our co-workers, we assist ouremployees in creating a healthywork/life balance. Flexible workingarrangement can include part-timework, job sharing, condensed hours andmuch, much more.

Get Rewarded

If you believe someone you know wouldbe a great addition to Little Scholarsteam, we encourage you to refer thatperson onto one of our Centre Managers.If a vacancy is filled by the person yourefer, you will be rewarded once the newteam member has successfully completedhis/her’s probationary period.When the new team member has completed 12 months continuous service, you will receive a second voucher of the same value

YOU WILL BE REWARDED– Casual co-worker – $50 voucher- Part-time co-worker – $75 voucher- Full-time co-worker – $100 voucher- Centre Manager – $200 voucher- Operations Manager – $500 voucherWe’d love it if you would stay with usIf you do stay, we want to celebrate your time with us! In recognition of the experience, expertise and commitment you have displayed we offer long term service award to all educators and team members.LONG TERM SERVICE AWARD– $500 Travel voucher – 5 years’ service- $1000 Travel voucher – 10 years’ service- $1500 Travel voucher – 15 years’ service- $3000 Travel voucher – 20 years’ service

Time Off

We know there are times when you wishto take time off for recreation, holiday orother responsibilities. In addition to yourentitlement to annual leave and personalleave, we offer other leave options whichincludes:CO-WORKER DAY LEAVE – All permanent employees with at least 12 months continuous service are entitled to 1 paid day off per year.

BLOOD DONOR’S LEAVE – Up to 4 hours paid leave every six months.

CAREER BREAK – Up to 6 months extended unpaid leave, linked to personal development (studies, training etc.), may be taken as an extension of the standard leave days.

VOLUNTEER LEAVE – You are entitledto be absent from work for the purposeof performing volunteer service work intimes of emergency, crisis or disaster.

WELLNESS DAY – Permanent employeesare entitled to access 1 of the personalleave days per year to use as wellnessdays.

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