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​Meet The Team – Miss Coree

The Little Scholars Reporter sat down with the wonderful Miss Coree, our newest addition to the Little Scholars team to find out what motivates her and why she is so passionate about what she does. 

Name: Miss Coree
Position: Teacher

What is your professional background? 

I have taught across a variety of sectors from Early Childhood, primary and secondary over the past 8 years. I have worked both within private and public school systems as well as overseas in the Middle East and China and across numerous curriculums. I have a Bachelor of Education and almost finished a Bridging Diploma in Early Childhood. In addition I have also almost finished a Masters Degree in Curriculum Design.

Why did you get into early education?  

Working with young children can be very rewarding.  They are inquisitive and always open to investigating, exploring and learning new things. They are growing at such a rapid rate that their learning can be seen on a daily basis. Sharing these learning experiences with children and assisting them in their inquires and development is at times challenging but worthwhile.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

There are many rewarding parts, a few would include knowing the children are learning and taking home new skills, children can be quite humorous, and caring for them like they were your own child.

What do you do that is different to the other Educators at Little Scholars?

I believe showing a child care, compassion and giving your time to a child is some of the most important factors in child development and learning. I like to think that by incorporating these things in addition to meeting the needs of the child and using a variety of learning approaches and techniques all add to my difference. Secret skill…well, this will need to remain a secret for now, but let me know if you have worked it out!

What do you like most about Little Scholars? 

I love the natural materials and the outdoor environment that we have to work with. This inspires imagination in the children and adds to their development as little people. Management is also supportive with providing for the needs of the children creating some wonderful spaces within our centre.

What do you like most about the Curriculum?

Being an outcome based curriculum, the way in which children are taught skills and knowledge can be inspired by the children themselves as well as allows for multiple ways in which to engage in learning.

What do you like most about your age group? 

I love that the children in Pre-Prep are going off to school next year. Although I am sure I will dearly miss them, they will have grown so much between when I arrived and when they leave. Pre-Prep is such an important year for beginning, consolidating and transforming children into competent and self directed lifelong learners.

What are your plans for your room this year?

As it is so late in the year now, we will be focussing on developing responsibility, care and compassion for others and being able to follow directions and participate in learning. We will do this through, play, hands on activities and inquiry learning.

What would you most like to tell Parents?

My door is always open and I am always happy to listen to suggestion, concerns and to have a chat should you need. Please don’t hesitate to come in and there are never any silly questions. Sharing information about your child, family and culture helps when I am planning child centred experience for your little one.

Your child’s journey to discovery starts here.

Together, let’s build the foundations for a lifetime of learning,
from our family to yours.

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