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Jae Fraser - Founder

Little Scholars School of Early Learning was created by Jae Fraser, a university-qualified Early Childhood Educator with more than 20 years hands-on experience in Early Childhood Education. Academic credentials include a Bachelor of Education, Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood Education, and several business management qualifications spanning across the many spectrums of the early education and care  industry.

To complement these achievements, Jae has worked in all sectors of the early education industry from teacher through to centre management, and operations senior management positions throughout Australia and Singapore. Jae is an executive board member of the Queensland and National Australian Childcare Alliances and is an active advocate for children and education.

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Operations Manager

Melanie Excell

Melanie is a true leader and role model who has helped drive the quality and educational programs of Little Scholars.

Melanie Excell has worked in the Early Childhood Education and Care industry since 2002 and is a university-trained teacher, holding a Bachelor of Education. She’s passionate about early education and preparing children for a successful future. Melanie has worked in various roles in the sector including teaching, centre director, area manager of both small and large groups of centres across Australia and more recently a senior management position in a large childcare company.
Melanie manages her campuses wearing many hats, ensuring that our campuses are meeting the needs of the parent as well as the child, ensuring the very best outcomes for all involved. Melanie is dedicated to the early education sector to ensure the best level of care is available to our future generations. She is also passionate about mentoring, guiding and training our educators to ensure they are fully equipped to deliver a high standard of care and education to all children in their care.
Melanie enjoys working collaboratively with all stakeholders to create safe, welcoming and playful learning environments in our campuses, which will, in turn, provide an optimal learning space for children.
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Quality Practice Manager

Jennifer Haydock

Jennifer is passionate and dedicated to early childhood development and is a strong advocate for children and their freedom and right to play.

Jennifer has worked in early childhood education and care for almost 20 years. During this time, Jennifer had the privilege of working across all age-groups from babies to school-aged as lead educator and early childhood teacher. She has also worked in adult learning as a Trainer and Assessor teaching our future educators in their Certificate 3 and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. Jennifer has recently worked for the Department of Education as an Early Childhood Officer, followed by becoming the Lead Quality (Pedagogy & Practice) for the South East Region.

Her qualifications include an Advanced Diploma of Children’s Services, Bachelor of Child and Family Studies, Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Diploma in Leadership and Management and certifications in Coaching and the Abecedarian Approach 3A.

Jennifer draws upon a range of theoretical perspectives within her work in early childhood education but is particularly drawn to Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory and Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems theory. This emphasizes the importance that social interactions have on children’s development and wellbeing, particularly the profound impact educators can have on children’s learning and development through their meaningful interactions. This also aligns with Jennifer’s philosophy taken by from the African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ where she believes that an entire community of people must provide for and interact positively with children for those children to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

Jennifer is excited to be a part of the Little Scholars family where her goal is to lead the development and implementation of a high-quality educational program across the Little Scholars campuses.

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Regional Manager

Skye Ible

Skye is a dedicated leader driven to developing services, providing management to staff and tools to support and attain the highest of quality while helping to create an atmosphere of growth and increased job satisfaction.

Skye is a dedicated leaderdriven to developing services, providing leadership to staff and tools to support and attain the highest of quality while helping to create an atmosphere of growth and increased job satisfaction.

During her time in early education, she has had the opportunity to hold all positions; she believes this has helped shape her leadership style, as she has an understanding of the needs, expectations and job pressure the comes with each job role. Skye is a pragmatic contributor within the team environment, and believes it is important to work together to set goals as a team that allows campuses to continually improve and strive for the highest of quality in their environments, curriculum and the care that is provided for the children and families.

Skye is passionate and advocates that the early years can have biggest impact on a child’s life, and that it is important to educate and mentor our educators to understand how valuable and important their roles are, not only to educate, but to nurture and help each child to have a strong sense of belonging.

Skye shares her love in creating inspiring and engaging environments, that allow the children to explore their curiosity and imagination, as well giving them the opportunity to enhance their learning and development.

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

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Elise Bradbery

Campus Manager Ashmore

ScholarsGroup Carly 16 Scaled

Carly Patterson

Campus Manager Redland Bay South

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Skye Matthews

Campus Manager Pacific Pines

ScholarsGroup Sam 14 Scaled

Samantha Dougherty

Campus Manager Stapylton

ScholarsGroup Alison Proof 09 Copy Scaled

Alison Carney

Campus Manager Ormeau Village

ScholarsGroup Monique 05 Scaled

Monique Anderson

Administration Support

ScholarsGroup Jess 09 Scaled

Jessica Nicholls

Administration Support

ScholarsGroup Alice 04 Scaled

Alice Micklewright

Campus Manager Burleigh

ScholarsGroup Renee 20 Scaled

Renee Hallam

Campus Manager Nerang

ScholarsGroup Jordan 10a 1

Jordie Llewellyn

Campus Manager Ormeau 2


Natalie Carey

Campus Manager Deception Bay

LittleScholars Amy 09 Scaled

Amy Crimmins

Campus Manager Parkwood

ScholarsGroup Jaimie 05

Jaimie-Lee White

Enrolments Officer

ScholarsGroup Kate 05 Scaled

Kate Riley

Executive Assistant

ScholarsGroup Alison 02 Scaled

Alison Combridge

Operations Support Officer

ScholarsGroup Morgan 15 1 Scaled

Morgan Trad

Campus Manager Ormeau

LittleScholars Katelyn 04 Scaled

Katelyn Hull

Campus Manager Redland Bay


Sasha Maher

Campus Manager Yatala

Scholars Group Amy Scaled

Amy Robertson

Campus Manager George St

LittleScholars Anne 04 Scaled

Anne Blom

Administration Manager

ScholarsGroup Christina 12 Scaled

Christina Copp

Social media and Marketing Specialist

ScholarsGroup Jell 02 Scaled

Anjelica Hazlewood

Social Media and Marketing Specialist

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