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Our very own baby whisperer at Little Scholars Ashmore – Meet Miss Deb

​Our very own baby whisperer at Little Scholars Ashmore - Meet Miss Deb

The Little Scholars Reporter sat down with the wonderful Miss Deb, our Lead Educator in our Nursery at Little Scholars Ashmore.

Being a mum to six children of her own, Deb personifies the true caring nature that mothers carry with them forever. Everyone always asks for Miss Deb and is the heart of the centre. She is our baby whisperer, our queen of outdoor fun and the go to guru for our families with infants.

Name: Debbie Stevens
Position: Lead Educator Nursery - Little Scholars Ashmore

My favourite weekend pastime: I love going to the beach and spending time with my family, we enjoy doing physical activities like body boarding, a game of cricket, picnics and throwing the frisbee. You should also see my collection of shells!

My Favourite childhood memory: I absolutely love Christmas, this is a time for family get togethers, seeing our family that we haven’t seen all year and our big game of cricket that started when I was a little girl and this tradition continues on to this day.

My fussiest vegetable growing up: I love all veggies! We always encourage healthy eating with all my babies.

What did you want to be when you grew up? All I wanted to be when I was younger, was a grown up and have babies and become an amazing mummy!

What inspired you to work in Early childhood? Just to watch children grow, learn, explore and be happy! I absolutely love children and watching my children grow up was such an amazing experience and journey, I wanted to continue to help other babies in their own little journey in life.

Share something about yourself that we may not already know: I'm a biker girl at heart!

What do you find most rewarding working in Early childhood? Watching their little faces light up when they come into our Nursery, watching children take their first step, their first little teeth pop through, learning to clap their hands, bonding with children and forming strong relationships with each baby that comes in our doors and overall, I am so passionate about all children and watching them grow and learn is rewarding each and every day.

What do you think is most special about Little Scholars: The families, our children and our wonderful natural environment, and also our amazing team!

Why is learning through play so important for our little ones? Learning through play is really important for all children as they learn their basic skills such as social development, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, language skills, communication skills and problem solving skills.

What do you love most about Little Scholars Ashmore: We have a really strong, amazing and passionate team here at Little Scholars, our manager is very supporting to all of our team, families and children as well. Our natural environment is such a wonderful place for our children to learn and explore, our families and children are all so beautiful. I love coming to work each day!

  • October 10, 2017
  • News