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Settling In

​​​Enjoy the Little Scholars experience

We aim to ensure that you and your Scholar settle in and enjoy the Little Scholars experience.

Introducing your Scholar to care can be an emotional time. It is fair to expect some tearful goodbyes in the early days however; there are many ways to assist your Scholar with this transition.

Prepare your Little Scholar by attending the centre for an hour or two a week to familiarise themselves with this new environment. This is also a great opportunity for you to spend time with the educators and centre manager.

We are here to help and support

  1. Settling in is tailored to meet the individual needs of each Scholar and their family.
  2. Our educators play an active role in gathering information from you and your family so we can then determine what is best for your Scholar.
  3. We do this as our aim is to make the transition between home and the centre as smooth as possible.
  4. Our educators are always available to regularly discuss your Scholar’s day.
  5. We encourage you to spend time with your Scholar to settle them in and you are more then welcome to phone us during the day to check on your Scholar’s progress.
  6. We assign a primary educator to assist in settling your Scholar in each day and help them to overcome any anxiety they may be feeling.
  7. We aim to ensure that all educators know your needs and work together as a team to provide routine and consistency of care.
  8. We have developed a BUDDY SYSTEM in which we pair your Scholar up with another Scholar to help settle them into the centre.