Acknowledgement to Country

Embedding Indigenous culture within our curriculum

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At Little Scholars School of Early Learning, we believe it’s vital that all Australians show support and learn about the crucial impact that culture, family, and community play in the life of every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

We embed these cultures into our everyday learning programs such as participating in experiences that celebrate the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Learning is supported through the pedagogy of the educators in embedding cultural competence, creating awareness, respect and understanding to diversity. We strive to ensure our campuses are inclusive and welcoming and our partnerships within our communities and our families are invited to become part of our learning programs.

Educators explore and foster storytelling, music, and creativity to engage children’s understanding to culture through our programs. Our campuses not only place emphasis to share cultural traditions to celebrate Indigenous culture but promote rich experiences to create awareness and understanding to our local Indigenous community.

We welcome Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples into our campuses, to help our Little Scholars and educators learn, acknowledge, and celebrate the history and traditions of the people who were the traditional owners of the land on which we play, learn, and grow.

Our Little Scholars learn about their Traditional Custodians of the land on a weekly and daily basis in a variety of different ways. They explore their first nations culture, engaging in traditional song and dance, and connect to their land in meaningful ways.

Jae, our founder, along with all members of our leadership team, support educators to embed Indigenous culture within our curriculum.

At Little Scholars, we constantly and continuously reflect on our cultural curriculum and programs, how to strengthen these opportunities and connections, and provide our educators and our children with a range of opportunities to build and extend their knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our vision for reconciliation between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and the broader Australian community is about transformation – transformation that moves us from ignorance and racism to respect, from inequity and prejudice to justice, and from inaction and fear, to hope. It is in this transformation, both personal and organisational, that the promise of a strong future for every Little Scholar is realised.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan can be found in each of our campuses. Ask your campus manager.

Teaching Children

We extend our knowledge on Indigenous Australian culture with Billie Musk, our Indigenous Education Consultant, who offers an exceptional Cultural Inclusion Program via her workshops and campus visits as a part of our curriculum at Little Scholars.
We also get regular visitors such as Miss Lalania from Paperbark Cultural Consultancy, who teaches children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture by telling dreamtime stories.

All of our campuses have Indigenous dolls, so that our Little Scholars learn about Aboriginal culture and connect to it through play.

We welcome local elders to our campuses to engage in conversation with children and share their knowledge and experiences with our Little Scholars.

Educators complete professional development sessions on Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives in Early Childhood with Koori Curriculum. Some services also utilise their educators of Indigenous descent to educate and support embedment to culture within the curriculum.
Deception Bay, which has a larger Aboriginal population, also holds ‘Indigenous morning tea’ to invite families of indigenous culture to provide feedback to the programs.

Many of our campuses go on excursions to visit cultural and environmental centres such as The Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre on the Gold Coast and Redlands IndigiScapes Centre to learn more about the history, significant sites and environmental features that have played an important part in the lives of Aboriginal people for thousands of years.

During bush kinder, we engage in Dadirri, an Aboriginal word meaning ‘inner deep listening and quiet still awareness and waiting’. So while out enjoying nature, the children and educators sit with a bit of space from each other and pay close attention to what they can hear, see, smell and feel.

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At Little Scholars, we’re committed to instilling the knowledge and skills that will allow your child to thrive and succeed in life.
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At Little Scholars, we’re committed to instilling the knowledge and skills that will allow your child to thrive and succeed in life.
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