Learning is at the heart of what we do. Our curriculum promotes play-based learning whereby children lead the program through their evolving interests and abilities to navigate learning experiences through their chosen play. Our emergent educational curriculum, The Collective, is designed to align with our vision, mission, and philosophy. This play-based approach allows educators to seamlessly integrate child development theory into practice. We view children as capable and active contributors in their own learning. We encourage them to explore, research and investigate the world around them to support their curiosity and foster a positive attitude towards lifelong learning. We offer specialised programs like STEM and transition-to-school initiatives, ensuring that your child is well-prepared for the next steps in their educational journey.
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Learn Extracurricular

Extra-curricular Programs

Engage in meaningful experiences every day

Little Scholars School of Early Learning aims to provide all children with a rich and stimulating learning environment where they will feel secure, loved, inspired, and supported.

We believe happy, confident children thrive when they are given the opportunity to explore their own unique talents and engage in meaningful experiences every day.

Before & After School Care
A safe and happy place to be

The Academy is Little Scholars’ dedicated Before & After School Care and Holiday Program. Our team is full of highly-qualified and experienced professionals. We run Before & After School Care, Pupil-Free Days and Vacation Care in a dedicated facility next to our Little Scholars School of Early Learning service. We have air conditioned courtesy buses that transport children safely to and from school. We ensure that there are loads of structured and unstructured activities on offer at every session. We also provide tasty, healthy foods.

Outdoor Explorers

Little Scholars Bush, beach and pram kinder

As a parent, you’re likely familiar with the challenges of balancing your child’s academic and social development with their physical activity and emotional needs. At Little Scholars, we understand the importance of providing children with a well-rounded education that stimulates their minds and bodies.

That’s why our educational programming has a big focus on the natural environment. We have the Little Scholars’ Bush Kinder program, an innovative outdoor education experience that fosters exploration, discovery, and learning in the natural environment.

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Learn Oudoor
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Abecedarian Reading
Instilling the knowledge and skills

At Little Scholars we encourage the 3a Abecedarian Approach Australia to reading. This is where children are active in conversational reading.

The 3a Approach encourages the adult and child to go ‘back and forth’ in conversation. There are three main levels to try – the first level is seeing, then showing, then saying. Make it a conversation by asking your child to do something and not always following the words in a book.

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At Little Scholars, we’re committed to instilling the knowledge and skills that will allow your child to thrive and succeed in life.
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