Community is one of our core values, and we actively engage with local organisations and charities like Baby Give Back. They learn about the world around them, helping our little scholars to develop an understanding of the importance of inclusivity and giving back. We also invite community members to our campuses, including Aboriginal elders, police officers, firefighters, and emergency services personnel, to enrich our educational programs and foster a sense of community responsibility.
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Contribute Family Time

Family Time Program

Importance of spending quality with your loved ones

At Little Scholars we understand the importance of spending quality with your loved ones, creating memories, and sharing experiences that you will hold onto forever. We created our Family Time program knowing we could give back some of that cherished time to our families.

It is a simple idea but one that allows our families more time together on the weekends and weeknights without having to run around like a headless chook trying to fit in those never-ending appointments we need to organise for our children.

Supporting the Community
Little Scholars supports our community

We are committed to helping change children’s lives, which is why we are so proud to support, and partner with Baby Give Back.

Baby Give Back is passionate about helping vulnerable babies, children, and families in our community. The charity works tirelessly to ensure that these families receive the best possible support and care when making sure these babies all have an equal chances in life.

Supporting Local Business

Let’s help ourselves to help each other

With your help, we would like to create a list of businesses owned by, or run by, our Little Scholars families. We can all then spend our hard-earned dollars within our Little Scholars community.

If you wish to participate, we invite you to email us your business card, an advertisement or your logo so that we can encourage others to use your business. You may even like to offer a discount to Little Scholars families on presentation of a voucher? We’ll leave the design and finer details up to you. We will then collate all of the information and distribute it to our families.

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Collective Support Business
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Collective Meals

Take Home Meals

Perfect and convenient healthy meal options

After feedback from our valued families, we have created a really tasty range of dishes that children will love and make dinner time a breeze. These classic dishes are perfect if you are running late or have no time to prepare dinner.

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Be Involved
Creating the very best in childcare with the help from our Little Scholars parents.

At Little Scholars we have created a program that allows our parents to be involved in every facet of the decisions we make at Little Scholars.

Transition to School Program

Our campuses provide warm, nurturing and stimulating environments

Starting formal school is an important milestone that can be an exciting and anxious time. Our transition to school program aims to ensure that children and their families enjoy their start to school and the many school years ahead.

Our campuses provide warm, nurturing and stimulating environments aimed at offering the best possible early learning curriculum, where children can develop to their full potential. Little Scholars prepares your child for a smooth and successful school transition. Little Scholars plans a wide range of experiences to prepare your child for school.

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Contribute Transition

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At Little Scholars, we’re committed to instilling the knowledge and skills that will allow your child to thrive and succeed in life.
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