Our Little Scholars Philosophy

Together we take the time to build the individual foundations of education and care for all children’s future.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission to ensure that our curriculum, environments, and relationships enable children to grow and fulfil their potential, actively learn through play and engage in intentional teaching. We aim for inspiring programs and strategic planning to contribute, influence and shape the development of our children, educators and community. Our childcare philosophy, developed in conjunction with educators and families, reflects and upholds our beliefs and values.

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We value every child as a unique individual

We value every child as a unique individual who brings his or her own special qualities to our campus. Educators recognise diversity as a valuable resource and actively listen to each child to learn what is important to them and respond to their interests. We strongly advocate for all children to receive equal opportunities regardless of socio-economic background, ethnicity, sex, race or physical ability.

We support children to understand, appreciate, and respect various social and cultural diversities within their community. We acknowledge and are committed to teaching the histories and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have a unique and enduring relationship to the lands and territories now known as Australia.

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We support children to form positive relationships

Little Scholars strives to provide the highest standard of care and education in a secure and trusting environment in which children feel a sense of belonging. We support children to form positive relationships with peers, educators and environments, while recognising their existing relationships with their family and community.

We prioritise building strong partnerships with our families to extend on home experiences and meet individual family needs and beliefs, supporting each child’s growth and development.

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Our curriculum promotes play-based learning

We are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the Framework for School Age Care (My Time, Our Place) in developing programs that support children to develop in a holistic manner, including socially, cognitively, emotionally, physically, and morally. Our curriculum promotes play-based learning whereby children lead the program through their evolving interests and abilities to navigate learning experiences through their chosen play. We view children as capable and active contributors in their own learning. We support them to explore, research and investigate the world around them to support their curiosity and foster a positive attitude towards lifelong learning.

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Environments promote multi-age play and experiences

Our environment is designed to evolve with the children’s interests, ideas, play and developmental capabilities. We endeavor to create an extension of the child’s home; a place where they feel safe, secure and comfortable. Environments promote multi-age play and experiences, supporting peer interactions and collaboration.

The indoor and outdoor spaces allow children to feel connected to the natural world, fostering a sense of responsibility to contribute to a sustainable environmental future. The environment is enriched with possibilities that allow children to construct new experiences, make new discoveries, and develop and acquire new skills.

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Professional Development

We are committed to continuous practice improvement.

High standards are held of all our educators at Little Scholars School of Early Learning. The expectations are that educators embody integrity, compassion, respect, and motivation for high quality service delivery. We are committed to continuous practice improvement.

Our team embraces critical reflections and is encouraged to professionally challenge themselves and others. We provide opportunities for continuous professional learning to keep up to date with new and innovating ideas about pedagogy and practice.

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Advocacy & Leadership

We are advocating for a better future for all children

We uphold the principles outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We advocate for children’s right to play, providing the time, space and freedom to play, take risks, and navigate everyday life. Our team provides encouragement and support for all children to participate fully in our program.

We demonstrate respect for children by collaborating with them to provide meaningful play and learning opportunities which support their wellbeing and development. We believe that by sharing what we do with the community and inspiring innovation in others, we are advocating for a better future for all children.

Raising the Benchmark of Early Learning Services

At Little Scholars, we’re committed to instilling the knowledge and skills that will allow your child to thrive and succeed in life.
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At Little Scholars, we’re committed to instilling the knowledge and skills that will allow your child to thrive and succeed in life.
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