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Our 2036 Vision

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"We have a responsibility to ensure our future generation's  have the most amazing life.”

- Jae Fraser

Little Scholars is looking beyond tomorrow

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In 2036, the children enrolled in our centres will be adults. Some will be graduating from university, while others will have started their careers.

And perhaps those with an adventurous spirit may be travelling the world. Which is why what we do now matters greatly. We acknowledge that what we do today, with how we educate and care for children, directly impacts the future. 

We recognise the incredible honour we have of educating and caring for children.

This is why, across all of our campuses, we’re working with our families and educators to create a vision for what we desire the world to look like in 2036… when our Little Scholars aren’t so little anymore, but rather active members of the community.

We have a responsibility - now - to ensure we’re providing the best environment for the future generation to thrive. We want children to be curious, to be searching, to show up in their brilliance. And we’re committed in ensuring we’re instilling the confidence and knowledge in our future generation that we have the power to make great change, and lasting positive impact in this world. 

Amongst these curious little minds are future leaders, innovators, scholars, explorers, entrepreneurs and humanitarians. The future looks bright - and it’s in our hands.

It takes a village to raise a child, and we believe that our vision to create a better world can be realised. 

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