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Sasha Woodgate-Wheeler

Regional Manager

Sasha joins Little Scholars with a wide range of early learning experiences spanning more than two decades, from having worked as a private residence educator in the centre of London, England, to working in early learning campuses in very rural areas of New South Wales, to working in all positions in between. She believes these diverse experiences have equipped her with a unique insight into collaborating with families and bolstering communities, acknowledging the wide array of aspirations, requirements, and educational achievements depending on the campus.

Sasha believes all of her unique roles and experiences have helped shape her leadership style, as she understands the needs, expectations and challenges that come with each job role, in each studio, and even the communities in which the children live and learn. She believes the best learning environments are the ones that bring joy to children, that are vibrant with laughter, play, stories and singing.

Sasha’s experience with the littlest learners is extensive, and working much of her career in nursery settings, she understands communication goes beyond words. In her experience, she mastered the art of engaging with the littlest learners before they even became verbal, recognising that gestures, expressions, and emotional cues play a crucial role in understanding and meeting their needs. This nuanced approach to communication has not only been pivotal in providing high-quality, individualised care, but also serves as a cornerstone of her leadership philosophy, as well as connecting with those individual communities.

Sasha believes that the essence of effective leadership lies in the ability to listen, interpret, and respond to unspoken signals. This skill enables her to lead her teams with empathy, fostering an environment where educators feel valued, understood, and motivated to pursue ongoing training and development.

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