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Why Work at Little Scholars

We are passionate about helping little ones grow and thrive. Since you're here, we assume you're passionate about the same thing. Having a career at Little Scholars shouldn’t just be about having a ‘job’; it’s about having a great life at the same time! We have a great range of benefits that can enhance your life both at work and at home.

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The future is bright at Little Scholars.

Our Little Scholar’s mission is to deliver the highest quality childcare experience imaginable for children and families. It is the people that make our learning environments so memorable, and it is thanks to our kind-hearted, passionate, and qualified educators who help make this possible for our Little Scholar children and families.

We have established a family like environment where Little Scholars Early Learning is committed to ensuring all our educators have access to on-going support and training, they require to further support their professional development, and we provide every educator the opportunities they desire to reach their highest possible potential as an early childhood educator. Check out our Gold Coast childcare careers page or Brisbane childcare careers page to find out more.

Our educators work together as a collaborative and inspirational team who share their knowledge, skills, and best practice with each other and push one another to be the best influence they can be for little people. We have an abundance of Little Scholar educators who are simply committed to their purpose of educating young people and together we can make a positive influence in children’s lives.

If you are a passionate educator who wants to make a difference in little people’s lives, join our Little Scholars family where we grow, learn, inspire, and contribute together.

We are all about helping to create incredible little humans. Hear from our educators about working at Little Scholars.

Part 1

We are a family company that is passionate about making a difference in children’s lives.

Part 2

The best part of Little Scholars is the laughter and smiles on the children’s faces.

Part 3

At Little Scholars we are all about the people, the families and the children.

Part 4

Working in such a supportive environment makes such a difference

Grow, Inspire, Learn, Contribute

Grow Together

There is something magical about childhood. The simplicity of what it means to be a child, from running, climbing and laughing, to exploring the world through curious eyes.

At Little Scholars School of Early Learning, we’re inspired by children’s adventurous spirits and intuitive instincts for discovery, which is why our approach to early learning is a holistic one. There’s a reason nine out of 10 families who visit our campuses choose to enrol.

Are you looking to make a difference in children’s lives? Then come and join our team.


It takes a village to raise a child and we believe that our vision to create a better world can be realised.


We pride ourselves on providing every last resource that you will need for learning experiences and the room.


We want to make sure that we enhance your life both at work and at home by providing access to a great range of benefits.


Together we take the time to build the individual foundations of education and care of all children's future.

Why we’re different

Family owned and operated, our boutique campuses and skilled educators aim to meet the needs of every Little Scholar. Quality nappies and wipes, fresh nutritionist approved meals, leading educational programs led by qualified and experienced teachers, extra curriculars such as dance, yoga, bush kinder and language, are just some of the features we include in our daily fee.

Our Philosophy

We embrace both the Natural Environment and Digital Technologies as important educational tools, instilling a contemporary, sustainable and values-driven learning foundation in every curious little mind we have the honour of caring for.

Our Values

Enjoy premium care at affordable rates, and join a community committed to paving a better way forward. We recognise the incredible honour we have of educating and caring for children.

Our Story

An Inspired Environment

Our beautifully designed campuses are infused with joy, and made to complement your child’s growth. With spacious rooms and oversized natural playgrounds with water pumps, river beds and play gyms, there’s plenty of room for your child to learn, play and socialise. And because each centre has been individually designed to suit the community and families in the area, your child will instantly feel at home.

We have an incredible honour educating and caring for children

Do you remember why you started working in early learning? Rediscover this passion with Little Scholars

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About Jae, Founder of Little Scholars

Being an educator was my biggest joy

Would you like to be part of our ambition to create a better world, a better future and have a hand in bringing to life our vision for learning through play.

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Let them be little

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“Everything about Little Scholars is about the children. It's amazing to be surrounded by passionate educators that love making a difference for the children.”

Melanie ExcellRegional Manager

“Jae walked into our service, and I knew something magical was going to happen. Jae’s vision for Little Scholars was incredible and exactly what I had been craving in a childcare service. Our journey began and it has been perfect since day one.”

SkyeLead Educator

“The moment I started as an educator at Little Scholars, I felt like I had found a place whose values aligned with mine. I love the passion that goes into every element of Little Scholars and the foundation of why we do what we do every day.”

AliceCampus Manager
making incredible little humans

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Your child’s journey to discovery starts here.

Together, let’s build the foundations for a lifetime of learning,
from our family to yours.

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Enjoy premium care at affordable rates, and a community committed to paving a better way forward.

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