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camping near brisbane

They say that there are two types of people. Those who love it and those who don’t know they love it yet.

If you fall into the first camp, you’ll be well aware of the incredible impact that camping can have on you. It’s a time to emotionally and spiritually recharge. You’re disconnected from the minutiae of urban and suburban life and immersed in a setting where all of your modern day needs and concerns are stripped away.

The chance to be outdoors means you’re sleeping under the stars. You’re talking and connecting with your loved ones around a fire instead of trying to catch their eye in front of the television. Your children can play in open spaces and explore bush trails instead of arguing over the iPad. There are no alarm clocks, there’s no public transport commute and there are no worries.

Camping is bliss. If you don’t know that yet, you’re about to.

What to take camping near Brisbane

If you’re going camping near Brisbane with kids, there are a number of items that are well worth your investment.

A safe, sturdy tent with appropriate sleeping bags and mats is going to be at the top of your list. Camping does not have to mean sacrificing comfort and, particularly when you have young children with you, a good night’s sleep is of the utmost importance.

Appropriate shoes and clothes are vital when camping. You will want to ensure you have footwear if using communal toilets and showers. During the day, a sturdy closed shoe is your best bet. Flip flops and bare feet might be okay but they also might lead to an accident or injury which would dampen your experience.

Torches, a first aid kit along with food storage and rubbish storage are also absolute essentials when camping with children.

Brisbane Camping with kids

How to choose a campsite

Your family will have a set of criteria when it comes to selecting the best possible campsite for your holiday. This will depend on the number of children you have with you, their ages, their physical abilities and your attachment to modern conveniences.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a campsite:

  • Toilets and shower facilities

  • Popularity of the campsite (booking in with young children at peak time for partying tourists may not be the peaceful retreat you are looking for)

  • Items of interest for young children – proximity to beaches, bush walks and open spaces

  • Family-friendly facilities – playgrounds, BBQs and picnic tables, fishing spots

  • The proximity of your campsite to unfenced potential hazards like bodies of water

  • The campsite’s reputation and rating (you can usually check these on Trip Advisor or by looking at Google reviews)

Camping near Brisbane – where to go?

Now that you’re in the mood to spread out a swag, here are some of the best spots near Brisbane to go camping with kids.

Camping Bigriggen with kids

The scenic rim is one of the most spectacular places in South-East Queensland. The gorgeous, untouched hinterlands blend seamlessly into picturesque, quaint farm lands. The camping opportunities at Bigriggen mean that families can easily access this hidden wonderland. Powered or non-powered sites mean you can choose the level of comfort you desire.

There is opportunity to go fishing and bushwalking, 4WD tracks, bike riding and swimming. Amenities are plentiful with showers, bathrooms and drinkable water all available onsite. You can even bring the dog! A perfect first-time experience for camping with kids.

Camping Hastings Point with kids

Heading about 30 km south of the Tweed will bring you to the beautiful Hastings Point area. There are lots of different campsites around here – some of them even offering Surfari (glamping) tents for the travellers who enjoy the finer things in life! There are lots of things to see and do in the township and the winding river tributaries are perfect for exploration and kayaking.

Camping Elanda Point with kids

This is a camping with kids hotspot and for good reason. Toddlers and young children NEED space to get physical and run around. These camp sites are grassy and spacious. There is plenty of room to ride bikes and climb trees. The nearby water is peaceful and calm and perfect for a splash about. Gentle walking trails pepper the nearby areas offering plenty of opportunities for exercise and stretching the old (and young!) legs.

Camping Borumba Deer Park with kids

This site is about two hours from Brisbane. It offers creek side camping with the promise of swimming, fishing and kayaking. This is a peaceful spot for reflection and contemplation. It is well appointed for families with facilities like toilets, kitchens, laundries and a little shop (with coffee!).

Camping near Brisbane

The above listed sites are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to idyllic camping spots near Brisbane. There are fabulous spots for families throughout the Gold Coast region, Toowoomba, Ipswich and further afield.

Camping in winter can be truly delightful (if a little cold) as you watch your kids marvel at the way the breath forms shapes in front of their faces. Camping during the summer can be hot and humid but a hell of a good way to spend a childhood.

Camping can teach our children many things. An appreciation of nature, responsibility, maturity, the value of hard work, lessons about safety and how to get along with others. You’ll meet some incredibly fascinating characters along your journey and potentially make some lifelong friends.

Pitching a tent in our hearts

Camping is truly what childhood memories are made of. If you think you can do without the conveniences of the big city for a couple of nights, it would be well worth your time to throw the tent in the boot and say a cheery coo-ee to your site neighbours.

Camping with kids near Brisbane

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