Colouring in activities are not only great fun but there are some wonderful benefits for your toddler to gain via this simple activity.  Colouring in is an easy and largely mess-free activity to implement at home and is also a great way to keep toddlers busy when out and about.

Children simply love to share their artistic talents with everyone. See their self-confidence grow with some beautiful colouring in! It’s a wonderfully fun past-time and is also a very convenient and inexpensive way of learning and developing some lifelong skills!

Colouring in for building fine motor skills

It’s so advantageous to develop and practise fine motor skills before your child starts formal schooling. Colouring in will help develop some of these key skills such as muscle development in their fingers, hands and wrists.  Showing your child how to hold a pencil or crayon correctly will help them develop the correct gripping technique and controls.

Colouring in for developing cognitive skills

Cognitive skills will develop with colouring in such as paying attention to the task. The ability to calmly sit and focus on a task is an essential skill for your child to learn. Your child will learn (and then remember) how to hold the pencil or crayon as well as noticing what happens when they press hard or light with their crayon or texta.

Colouring in for developing little imaginations

It can be tempting to try and ‘correct’ how your little one is colouring in but give your toddler freedom. Let them be creative and use their imagination. There’s nothing wrong with pink sky and rainbow spotted grass!  They will soon recognise and use the correct colours but for now, just let them explore.   Colouring in on different textures will also help with their learning skills and it can encourage more creative exploration. Try using different coloured paper, cardboard or even sandpaper.

Colouring in together

Helping your child with their colouring in is easy. Just sit with them and do your own colouring in.  They will visually develop their skills simply by sitting with you and observing what you do!  You’ll be modelling how you sit, hold your texta, and staying inside the lines. It’s also a great opportunity for your child to learn their colours too, so be sure to chat about which colour you’re using and ask them to name theirs.

Where to find colouring in activities

You can pick up colouring in books very cheaply from discount stores and supermarkets. If you have a printer at home, there are also loads of free colouring in printables to download. Try and find a variety of shapes and themes for your child to colour as this will keep their interest and attention longer. Be sure to encourage and praise your child on their creative colouring in skills.

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