We are so excited to share with our community the launch of our George St Valet Service, our first ever Valet service for the hard-working families of Brisbane CBD who are looking to save some hours during the week, or are hoping for a more convenient drop off on the way to work. We know how time consuming it can be every morning when you are stuck in traffic or stressed looking for a park during ‘drop offs’ but do not worry! We are here to help and make your life easier.

After completing a survey with our George St fam, it became clear that the most challenging element of their daily commute was finding parking, an elevator trip, hand over of belongings and the anxious goodbye – which can all take 30 minutes every morning. To create a less stressful childcare experience for both children and parents we thought it was only necessary to introduce a smoother drop off alternative for those parents who need it. Particularly now that more parents have returned to work in the city since the second wave of lockdowns, we can only imagine how busy the roads have become and that alone is stressful so we hope to bring some relief to our parents busy work schedules.

At Little Scholars, we try to make the lives of our children and parents as enjoyable and smooth as possible, and so far, our Centre Manager, Ricky Glasson, has reassured us that they already have numerous parents using the valet service on a daily basis, and the families utilizing this service has made their mornings more enjoyable, and for some families it meant they had more time to read with their children in the mornings, or even a spare moment grab a quick coffee before starting work. The most important thing is making sure you and your children feel secure and we can assure you that our valet service implements a safe ‘drop and go’ meeting point on a nearby main road, with our campus educators assisting children out of their cars and then into the centre.

We hope our lovely George Street community enjoy this new valet service, and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.