“ Loose parts play ” is an architectural concept from the 1970’s currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the early years learning curriculum framework. This development is enjoying burgeoning popularity in childcare centres and kindergartens across Australia.  Early educator are choosing to embrace ideas of empowerment, creativity and self-directed learning.  We believe that children are never too young to engage their minds through play, and we love seeing little people imagining big ideas!

What does lose parts play mean?

Loose parts play is effectively ‘junk drawer play’ but on a much larger scale. It involves all the bits and bobs and odds and ends of life that adults struggle to find multiple purposes for.Children, however, are the masters of imagination and creativity. With supervision and the slightest adult facilitation, they can turn what we would see as a pile of rubbish into a wonderland. Secret tunnels, magic portals, precious gemstones and buried treasure take their place alongside makeshift transportation, musical instruments and construction vehicles.No idea is wrong. No idea is too big or too small or out of place. Everything can shift and change and flow with the reversal of expectations and the removal of ‘rules’. It’s this very concept of a positive sense of self that links loose parts play directly to the Little Scholars philosophy of learning.

Loose parts play is a revolution for the burgeoning development of a child’s thinking processes. Our educators do not tell children ‘how’ to do things, only that they may do what they like. This means that sometimes materials are used in ways that adults would not have expected. This subversion of expectation creates a dynamic in which the children are in charge and they are permitted to let their imaginations run wild, forming a vital part of their early learning curriculum.

Learn more about Loose Parts Play by downloading this guide by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority.

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What is used in loose parts play?

Our centres provide a wide variety of materials for loose play learning. We check every item for safety (no loose nails or splinters etc).  From there, the learning is at the direction of the child. You might find the following items in a loose parts play environment.  We encourage parents and carers to add anything they feel might be suitable for this wonderful explosion of delight and design.

  • Buckets and baskets
  • Logs, sticks, shells, seedpods, leaves and twigs
  • A variety of fabric of different colours and textures
  • Textures like gravel, stones, sand and rocks
  • Larger items like pallets, tyres, crates and boxes
  • Everyday items like balls, bands, paintbrushes and pens

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