Have a fun trip planned with the family coming up? School holidays are here and we have some handy tips to make things easier for you and your family when it comes to packing for a trip!

1. Create a checklist

Making a list will eliminate thinking and stress by having everything you need laid out. If you have gone on a few trips before, you may realise that you usually need the same things each time! By having a packing list template, you can adjust it as necessary for each specific trip as well as for each child as they age. Use the notes app on your phone as this is easily accessible and shareable too.

2. Do your laundry a few days before departure

To avoid leaving your favourite pair of jeans behind because they weren’t put in the wash ahead of time, wash the clothes you would like to wear on your trip a few days ahead of time and put them aside ready to be packed.

3. Use a separate bag for each family member

Packing each family member their own bag which they can carry will go a long way in simplifying travel. Each person will have their clothes, activities, and necessities in their own possession. This is to prevent clothing from getting mixed up and being able to find what needs to be found quickly. We understand this isn’t always possible, however packing cubes can come in handy for separating each person’s individual items as well.

4. Get packing cubes!

Packing cubes keep clothes neat and contained. Put together the same type of items for each cube such as pants in one, shirts in another and socks and underwear in a smaller cube. Labeling or colour coding the cubes will make things even easier in the instance you need to access things quickly. Kmart sells packing cubes in a set of 3 and space-saving bags that can be deflated for only $9 and will make packing your luggage more efficient. If you are on a budget, use large zip lock bags to organise your clothing.

5. Pack a spare change of clothes in a backpack or your carry on

Unfortunately, sometimes airlines can lose your luggage. To avoid the stress of having to buy a new wardrobe immediately, pack a spare change of clothes for each person in their carry-on or a backpack in case of an emergency. This can also be helpful if the luggage is buried deep in the back of the car on a road trip and someone needs a new set of clothes due to a spill or accident.

If you are travelling with little ones at night, keep their PJs in a bag so they can be changed along the way. They will be more comfortable and will be easy to transfer to bed when you get to your destination.

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