Horse riding has many benefits for young children. Far beyond cute photo opportunities, this is an outdoors activity that can have impressive social, emotional and physical benefits for young riders.

Allowing children to get up close and personal with these peaceful and majestic animals can be quite spectacular. These creatures are both incredibly imposing physically yet unimaginably gentle at the same time. This dichotomy has a profound effect on all of us, but particularly children.

Benefits of horse riding for children

There are physical benefits that come with horse riding. These include hand-eye coordination, the development of a stronger core and strengthening arms and legs. Horse riding also assists with improving balance and co-ordination. It’s a great opportunity to make physical exercise fun and to get your little ones out into the fresh air instead of inside glued to a screen. It’s a wonderful way to help your child feel more in tune with the natural world around them.

Listening to instructions, being responsible, exhibiting kindness and gentleness and showing respect are all emotional benefits of horse riding for children and toddlers. Watching staff tend to and dress the horses can demonstrate for children the importance of a kind and patient approach. Your child will learn to take their time as they work to find a harmony with the horse they are riding. It’s a beautiful lesson in forging connection and trust.

The social aspect of horse riding means that your child will be introduced to a range of people who will fulfil different roles. There will be instructors, fellow classmates and riders and their parents. This expanding of their social circle is a great opportunity for your child to test the social skills that they’ve been working on with you.

Horse riding Brisbane for toddlers and young children

Here are some places to go horse riding in Brisbane.

  • Heritage Riding
  • Indarra Equestrian Centre
  • Cherbon Waters
  • Equestrian Centre
  • Dalson Park Indoor Equestrian Centre
  • Riverside Equestrian Centre
  • Trevana Glen Farm
  • Mirtna Park Equestrian Centre
  • Slickers Horse Riding
  • Taylord Equestrian
  • Wattle Creek Riding School
  • Gypsie Lodge Equestrian Centre

Horse riding Gold Coast for toddlers and young children

Here are some places to go horse riding on the Gold Coast.

  • Tamborine Mountain Trail Rides
  • Kiah Park
  • Cedar Glen Farm Stay
  • Gumnnuts Farm and Horseriding Resort
  • Nag Nanny and Equine Resolutions
  • Bestbrook Mountain Resort
  • Bonogin Valley Horse Retreat
  • Gold Coast Equestrian Centre
  • Gold Coast Horse Riding
  • Numinbah Valley Adventure Trails
  • Red Gum Riding

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