You pile the children into the car, late as per usual, and do the panicked drive to your local Little Scholars campus.

Upon entering your Little Scholars campus, you’re suddenly enveloped into an atmosphere of calm. There’s coffee and croissants waiting for you next to a sign-up list for take-home dinners that evening. (Do you write your name down? You bet you do!) Friendly, caring educators help lighten your load and immediately engage your children with interesting, exciting activities. Your morning stressors lighten, you stand up a little straighter and you charge confidently back out into the carpark, ready to face your busy day.

But what happens once you leave? Here’s what!

Co-curricular activities designed to excite

Little Scholars campuses have extracurricular activities like Japanese, art, cooking and sport that are perfectly positioned to help develop your little learner. They’re cognitively engaged as they learn new skills, emotionally intelligent as they negotiate relationships with peers and teachers and they’re socially satisfied by engaging, exciting and interesting lessons. There is no ‘plonking them down in front of an iPad’ to be had here – if technology is used, it’s used well. This is the campus that’s backed by pedagogical understanding of what makes children tick and how they can be challenged to be the best they can be.

Imaginative and sustainable play

Every single Little Scholars is built on the tenements of imaginative and sustainable play. There is an ethos here that encourages children to become active learners, rather than passive children who wait to be told exactly what to do. There is a culture of calculated risk here as little scholars become citizens in the world of knowledge.

A sustainable lifestyle is encouraged wherein all children learn about recycling, reusing and repurposing materials to lessen our carbon footprints and respect the beautiful world that’s around us. The buildings and landscapes themselves often inspire the children to be more and to do more in terms of sustaining an environmentally sound future.

Stress less, let us help!

That hard day at the office is a little less awful knowing that your children are happy, safe and engaged in learning.

If you want to see the Little Scholars difference for yourself, arrange to take a tour of your local campus today!