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The Little Scholars Learning Centre Community

Through unique and thoughtful programming, a Little Scholars Learning Centre prepares children to go out and make a difference in their community.

By introducing children to the people and places around them at an early age, your child will begin to establish a sense of familiarity and recognize first-hand the importance of belonging to a community. As part of their community involvement program, the Little Scholars Learning Centre partners with local schools, libraries, emergency services and other community groups, allowing your child to learn about and respect the roles that people play within their community.

Creative programming fosters community-based learning

At Little Scholars Learning Centre, strong community relationships play a large role in their creative programming and developing these connections at a young age can teach children valuable life skills. Little Scholars Learning Centre combines their innovative philosophy with a unique combination of extra-curricular programs to give your Little Scholar the opportunity to participate in yoga, music, gardening and language classes - interacting with local community experts along the way. Through these interactions, your child will learn how people from throughout the community can actively come together to create a safe and welcoming place.

​ Exploring the natural learning environment

The Little Scholars Learning Centre community also extends to the natural environment, teaching your Little Scholar to appreciate all of the gifts that the great outdoors has to offer. The centre’s Bush Kindy program extends outside of the classroom, giving your child the opportunity to explore local bushlands and beaches and appreciate time spent in the natural world. Taking this a step further, Little Scholar’s environmental strategy incorporates the Small Green Steps program which teaches children about the importance of respecting plants, animals and the earth by protecting the environment through sustainable practices.

​Teaching little ones to give back

Part of the community-based programming at Little Scholars is teaching children the importance of giving back. Through various initiatives like the Little Scholars Donation Tree, your child will learn that even they can play a part in making their community a safe and supportive place for everyone. Each month, the children are involved in choosing a local charity or community group that could use a little bit of extra help. By teaching children about social, economic and cultural diversity at a young age, it helps them to appreciate and respect all members of their community. Little Scholars Learning Centre believes that by instilling these values in children at a young age, giving back will become a lifelong practice.


Contact Little Scholars today to learn more about how the Little Scholars Learning Centre community can give your child the confidence and social awareness they need to go out into the world and shine!