Juggling work and family often means that quality time goes down the drain. There is just no room for a lazy weekend with everyone giggling over pancakes when there are chores to do, classes to attend and grocery shopping to spend your hard-earned cash on. In the blink of an eye, the weekend is finished and those dreams you had all week of spending time with family are put off yet again.

Life can seem like one long to-do list with no chance to catch your breath and take stock of what’s most important – each other.

Little Scholars pride themselves on providing the most well-rounded experience your family could hope for. This promise includes a variety of services during the week that will free up your weekends for relaxing with the alarm clocks firmly switched off.

Little Scholars Lets Your Family Have Quality Time

Here’s how Little Scholars will let you make the most of the weekends and have more family time.

Food Preparation

Exhausted after a hard day’s work? Dreading dragging the children around the supermarket when you’d rather be reading them a story at home? Little Scholars provides a take home meal service for parents that will lift that weight off your shoulders. Simply order ahead and the cost of the meal will be added to your fees.

Language Lessons

Little Scholars has worked Japanese lessons into our curriculum, knowing that the acquisition of language at a young age stimulates cognition and makes learning exciting. Having cultural learning activities like this during the week will allow more time for play and relaxation on the weekend.

Health and Fitness

Saturday sports can be a drain for many families. Early starts, driving long distances, playing in miserable conditions. Little Scholars offers health and fitness, yoga and even soccer as part of our weekly curriculum. Your children will be able to participate in those team sports and fitness activities that promote a healthy lifestyle so the enjoyable movement you do with them on the weekends can be just that – enjoyable!


Children find huge benefit in the cooking classes on offer at Little Scholars. Having a hands-on relationship with food preparation ignites a creativity in them that will carry their interest through to the quality time you spend with them at home. Fostering an appreciation of health and nutrition means fewer arguments at dinner time and more enjoyable time spent together as a family.

Bush Kinder Program

All of our Little Scholars campuses embrace the beautiful, natural environments they are housed in with a bush kinder program. This can be extended on the weekends as you travel with them on bush walks, adventures in the park and explorations of your own backyard.

Quality Time Borne Of Quality Care

The Little Scholars early learning curriculum allows children to experience the world through creative engagement – movement, play and physical activities. These sessions are conducted by specialist teachers trained in introducing children to a world of fun and learning that will make your precious time with them all the more special.

Searching for more quality time? Find out how Little Scholars can help you make the most of family time. Book a tour today!