A return to work after having children isn’t all that bad – in fact, there are some pretty good reasons why it could be the best decision you’ll make! Of course, as many mothers experience, mummy guilt will be in full force, but hopefully, these benefits will help you see past that guilt so that you can genuinely look forward to putting your career hat on again.

You get to adult

Just imagine being able to have real adult conversation and drink your coffee in peace – without it going cold. Being able to have a chat on an adult intellectual level is extremely refreshing. No doubt your children will be on your mind at some point in the day which is why you can login to Kindyhub to see what they’ve been up to!

There’s less cleaning

It makes sense, less time with the children at home means your house is likely to stay a lot tidier and you won’t have to clean as often. If mess and clutter does appear, use some nice baskets to quickly throw the clutter into and deal with it on the weekend. Now that’s got to be a huge win, right?

Find you again

It’s not uncommon for some mothers to feel they lose a bit of themselves when they are home raising a family. They go from being a career woman with ambition to a stay at home mum who finds it hard to focus on her own passions amongst nappy changes, playtime, tantrums and making meals. Of course, every woman is different but many women certainly do regain a sense of purpose and identity when they return to work.

You can still see your kids

There’s no doubt about it, returning to work after a long period spent at home with your children isn’t easy but, it can be made easier. If you work in Brisbane City, Little Scholars city childcare means you can enjoy quick lunchtime visits to curb the ache!

Escape cabin fever

Looking at the same four walls at home day in and day out can be debilitating for some. Returning to work can mean having the chance to listen to your own music in the car (not The Wiggles), talking to different people every day, looking at different walls and looking out different windows. They say a change is as good as a holiday and returning to work is no different.

Intellectual stimulation

As a stay at home mum, having limited opportunities for intellectual stimulation can lead to discontent and restlessness. Although reading books, listening to podcasts or meeting up with friends can be a good way to give your brain a workout, they’re often not the same as getting back into work and doing something that you enjoy and do well.

You become a role model

Going from a stay at home mum to a working mum now juggling two roles, you may think that you’re failing in so many ways. The truth is, going back to work will have your children seeing another side of you and admiring the new you at the same time. You’ll truly become supermum in your child’s eyes if you order their favourite from the takeaway dinner menu, too!

As a mum, you’ll always be your own worst critic but when it comes time to return to work, why not look at the positives and remind yourself that you’re doing it for you – and a better you means you can be a better person for your kids.

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