Now more than ever, it is of the upmost importance that we foster sustainability for children. The banning of plastic bags from supermarkets, the cultural shift towards upcycling and repurposing and our renewed focus on the environment means that our children are well on their way to becoming the eco-warriors of the next generation.

Little Scholars places a lot of importance on the need to create a sustainable world. It is at the very core of our curriculum – particularly our Small Green Steps Program. We recycle our resources, conserve our water and practice energy efficiency. Our cleaning products are made from natural ingredients and come straight from organic sources. The gorgeous campuses made of sustainable material blend effortlessly with our breath-taking natural surrounds and we ensure there is a little of the environment within everything we do.

Sustainability for children at home and school

These are lessons that you can take home with you as well. Sustainability in early learning can very easily become sustainability in the home. Here are some ideas for embracing these concepts on your own property.

Sustainable activities for your toddler at home

Monkey see, monkey do

Allow your toddler to take part in the recycling activities that you do as part of your time with them. When it is time for the weekend shop, ask them to collect your green bags and put them in the boot of the car. During shopping, talk them through your choices and try to stay away from the over-use of plastic wrapping.

Get down and dirty

Not really a green thumb? That doesn’t matter. What does matter is allowing your child to become involved in planting and gardening. Little Scholars has woven gardening into the curriculum. Continuing the message at home is an ideal introduction to sustainability for little ones. Vegetables on an apartment balcony, flowers in a window sill – doesn’t matter. Choose the plant, tend to the plant, watch it grow. You might just be planting the seed of sustainability that could last a lifetime.

Let’s make it work

Put a stop to ‘throw away’ culture in your house. Ask your child to collect any old or unwanted toys and take them to the Op Shop together. Take a drab old bookshelf and paint it crazy colours to give it a new life. Turn ripped and torn old shirts into cleaning cloths, dress up clothes or crazy headbands.

At Little Scholars, we believe that sustainability in childcare is an important stepping stone towards creating environmentally aware citizens of the future. Find out how our program incorporates sustainability for children and much, much more.

The Gold Coast is ripe with opportunities for healthy, outdoor family fun. You’ll be bombarded with suggestions for theme parks and the like but if you’re looking for more creative things to do on the Gold Coast with toddlers, the following suggestions are bound to make for some excellent memories.

Gold Coast

Feeding pelicans

The best bet is to head to Harley Park and Ian Dipple Lagoon (Broadwater). Charis Seafood does daily pelican feedings at about 1.30pm every day. The clever birds start massing an hour or so before (they must have watches in their massive beaks). This is an exciting and impressive activity that little kids will enjoy as they take in the wonderous size and amusing antics of these impressive water birds.

Bushwalking with toddlers

This is not an editing error! Bushwalking with a toddler in tow is possible and it can be enjoyable as well, as long as you’re prepared.

Bushwalking provides toddlers and young children with the opportunity to exercise in an entirely natural setting. It promotes an appreciation of the beautiful natural settings that we often take for granted in Australia and it’s an excellent way to spend some quality time together as a family.

The best locations for bushwalking with young children on the Gold Coast are:

  • Three Sisters Walking Track (1.6 km)
  • Purling Brook Falls Circuit (4 km)
  • Cougal Cascades Track (1.5 km)
  • Minyon Falls (4 km)
  • Tarrabora Reserve (2.4 km)
  • Heritage Park Trail (2 km)
  • Caves Circuit (5 km)
  • Federation Walk (3.5 km)
  • Oceanview Walk (4.6 km)
  • Palm Grove Circuit (2.6 km)

Animal experiences

The big theme parks have the crowd, the prices and the plastic. If that’s exactly what you’re hoping to avoid with your little ones, take heart! There are a number of fantastic family-friendly venues on the Gold Coast that promote sustainability and conservation. They provide families with animal experiences in a natural, respectful way that sets up a lifetime appreciation for the wonderful creatures we share our world with. These can make for excellent days out and really are one of the best things to do with toddlers on the Gold Coast.

Places you can take toddlers to see animals on the Gold Coast:

  • David Fleay Wildlife Park
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Paradise Country Farm Stay
  • Cedar Glen Farm Stay
  • Macadamia Castle

How can nature and creativity enhance your child’s learning? Contact Little Scholars today to find out how.

Thinking of bushwalking in Brisbane with little ones in tow? There are great tracks that are closer than you think. Taking young children bushwalking can be an excellent way to contextualise the great learning they do about nature with actual immersion in a natural setting. Outdoor nature play features heavily in the Little Scholars curriculum design – so much so that you might be surprised by what your young children will be able to teach you!

Little Scholars would like to remind readers of the policy of ‘leave nothing and take nothing.’ Natural environments should not be disturbed and animals should be left well alone.  Here are some easy nature walks on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane that toddlers can do as well!

Gold Coast Bushwalking

There are a number of easy, short tracks that little legs will find somewhat manageable. Ensure that you bring appropriate clothing, sun protection and the obligatory snacks that must accompany any outing with small children!

Cougal Cascades Track

This track is only 1.6km return and can be found in Springwood National Park. There is a beautiful outlook to Currumbin Creek that will prompt many discussions of environmental concepts like water flow and erosion. Kids can even safely swim depending on the time of year you go!

Three Sisters Walking Track

Again, you’ll find this track manageable as it is a mere 1.6km return. You can head to the lookout at Kings Beach where you will have the opportunity to learn about the Indigenous heritage of the beautiful surrounds.

Natural Bridge Gold Coast

Natural Bridge in the beautiful Springbrook National Park is a very easy 1km circuit that includes a glow worm cave (best viewed in the evening) and waterfall.  If you know where to look, you may also get a glimpse at a trap door spider so hold little hands and avoid touching muddy embankments!  You will find a lot of stairs on your walk, so it’s not suited to a pram but still an easy walk for kids of all ages.

Brisbane Bushwalking

JC Slaughter Falls, Mt Coot-tha

The morbid name does not represent the wonderful experience that awaits your toddler! Brisbane bushwalking for kids is well represented by a number of tracks that differ in terms of difficulty and duration. There is also Indigenous artwork along the way to inspire and promote discussion.  Take your swimmers as the track offers plenty of shallow water creeks in which little ones can paddle.

Toohey Forest Park, Mt Gravatt

This south side Brisbane location boasts a number of tracks as well as family-friendly facilities designed to promote engagement with nature. There are a large number of animals in this area as well – perfect for the eagle-eyed toddler.

Freshwater National Park, Deception Bay

Freshwater National Park on Deception Bay Road is a hidden gem for parents of nature loving little ones.  Besides the very easy walk through a forest of beautiful grass trees, Freshwater National Park is home to a reclusive koala population, lizards, birds and wallabies.

Cedar Creek, Samford

Cedar Creek, with its deep and shallow swimming options, meanders its way through 11 different picnic spots, ideal for families to spend a leisurely afternoon. The once popular Cedar Creek Falls now lie on private property but there are still ample opportunities enjoy a little bushwalking in Brisbane’s outer west. If your little one is all about the exploring rather than the walking, Cedar Creek offers plenty of exploration opportunities with a little bit of exercise thrown in!

The Importance of a Nature Curriculum

Kindergarten and early learning programs that feature nature play prepare our children to embrace sustainability and foster a healthy respect for the environment. Take the lessons of your Little Scholars’ classroom into the great outdoors this weekend. At Little Scholars, we believe sustainable living, bushwalking and immersing children in the natural environment is an important element of their education and development. Learn more about our unique curriculum here.

How Little Scholars Gets Little Ones Inspired By Nature

Our innovative programs not only promote values around conservation and sustainability, but also pique your child’s interest in the natural world.  Your child doesn’t need to be a budding scientist (although we’ll always encourage children to pursue an interest in science) to benefit from keen observation skills and natural curiousity.  A fundamental interest in the natural world and “how things are” is the foundation for a life time of learning.  As early educators, we believe that this is invaluable to little minds.  All of our centres feature a comprehensive nature based curriculum – with Yatala currently trialling a cutting edge program for little scientists and nature lovers. Read about our nature walk in Yatala here.

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Come and see the Little Scholars difference

Let us hold your hand and help looking for a child care centre. Leave your details with us and we’ll be in contact to arrange a time for a ‘Campus Tour’ and we will answer any questions you might have!