“Every child deserves the best start to life.”
– Carly Fradgley

We are thrilled to announce we have partnered up with a Queensland non-profit organisation, Baby Give Back, which seriously tugs on the heart strings for us as this charity is doing exceptional things with helping support families with newborn babies who are undergoing any form of hardship. We can only imagine the emotional stress these families go through when faced in these circumstances, however, to know such an astounding charity is out there doing everything they can to ensure these vulnerable families are supported and have access to the essentials needed for their families really shows that there are guardian angels out there.

Baby Give Back are passionate about helping vulnerable babies, children and families in our community and they work tirelessly to ensure that these families receive the best possible support and care when it comes to making sure these babies all have an equal chance of life.

From collecting clothing and nappies to cots, car seats and prams in a warehouse, Baby Give Back goes through a thorough process ensuring every item they collect is safe and is in a good condition, as well as providing customised orders to meet the needs of each family’s needs and circumstances. The lengths Baby Give Back go to make sure these families feel the love and compassion of their community is so overwhelmingly heartfelt, and it is a privilege to be partnered up with such an amazing charity.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we could not think of a more urgent time to assist with Baby Give Back, as they have been busier than ever before and with the $15,000 donation we have pledged to the non-profit organisation, this will allow 120 additional children directly with the essential items needed to start a safe life. Although it is not just a monetary donation we have promised, it goes far beyond that with our partnership allowing us to provide; 100 boxes of nappies per year, promotional opportunities across our ten Little Scholar campuses and so much more!

At Little Scholars, we believe that babies and children deserve to be nurtured and provided with utmost care, love and shelter and support and the early years is so predominant in a child’s life, we feel privileged to be working with a charity who provides the tools and relief in helping vulnerable families in our community. To have the opportunity to share this partnership with our families across all our ten campuses truly brings us a sense of joy knowing that we can spread the word and hope for more on-going support within our community. The community support aligns with our four pillars – grow, inspire, contribute and learn and we feel so warm in our hearts to know that our community, as well as the Baby Give Back community will do everything in their power to ensure the Baby Give Back mission is continued.

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