Childcare is everything to us at Little Scholars. We are very excited to share the opportunity we had with Mamamia’s own podcast This Glorious Mess’ where our Little Scholars Founder, Jae Fraser, chatted all things childcare. This podcast is hosted by Leigh Campbell and Tegan Natoli and is a twice-weekly look at parenting as it really is – confusing, exhausting, inspiring, funny, and full of surprises. This Glorious Mess shares a totally real and relatable insight into the life of a parenting and gives comfort to all the parents who are navigating their way through parenthood.

Jae spoke to hosts, Leigh and Tegan, about the different types of centres out there and the benefits of sending your little ones to childcare, as well as offering his own ‘personal childcare tips and tricks’ to all the parents out there who are currently looking at day-cares for the little ones. We understand how BIG of a decision it is when you are leaving your pride and joy to the hands of a stranger for the first time, so we hope this podcast sheds some light to all those who are contemplating childcare or are still looking for the right place for their little ones.

A massive thank you to the hosts, Leigh and Tegan and the whole Mamamia team for giving us this exciting opportunity to share with you our little world that we call Little Scholars.

If you want to listen to the full episode, you can listen here: Little Kids: Everything You Need To Know About Daycare (