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Your Go-To for Pre Kindy Childcare in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast

Our first priority is your child’s growth and development

At Little Scholars, we are proud to provide the best toddler childcare in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region.

Our first priority is your child’s growth and development; we nurture, teach and guide them so they can develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

It’s an approach that recognises how crucial the first few years are for a child’s development and ensures your toddler gets all the support they need to flourish during this time. We believe that both nature and digital technologies are important educational tools, which is why we instil a contemporary, sustainable and values-driven learning foundation in every curious little mind we have the honour of caring for.

We have pre-kindy studios in our childcare campuses in Ashmore, Burleigh, Deception Bay, George Street (Brisbane City), Nerang, Ormeau, Pacific Pines, Parkwood, Redland Bay, Redland Bay South, Stapylton, and Yatala. Find a campus near you and then contact us to book a tour or playdate!


Offering self-help opportunities each day

Parents know three-year-olds can be fiercely independent, which we wholeheartedly support by offering self-help opportunities each day, such as making and putting away beds, washing hands, cleaning up after play and meals and more. Encouraging play such as dress-up in our imaginative play areas, allowing time for children to master the skills of putting on and off items, is supported, as this ultimately helps with fine-motor skills and even toilet training.

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Emotional awareness

Understand our little scholars' emotions

We also work with our little scholars to understand and name their emotions, as well as recognise and empathise with the emotions of their friends. And our three-year-olds need some time to themselves, our studios have a ‘calm down’ space children can access when they have identified certain feelings that warrant a visit to that space for them, with comfy seating, cushions, blankets, yoga mats, and books to cozy up with.

Getting bodies moving

Focus on moving the body and gaining confidence

There’s also a focus on moving the body and gaining confidence in their physical awareness such as walking, jumping and running with coordination, climbing and throwing items with distributed weight and keeping balance. We support children in developing these skills with age-appropriate obstacle course structures, encourage climbing and navigating physical structures and explore group games that include various levels of agility, speed, co-ordination and timing.

Bush kinder also provides physical awareness in children as they navigate uneven grounds, natural climbing structures and wide open spaces that encourage spatial awareness. Gaining large motor skills assists in building fine motor skills, necessary as children move closer to entering prep.

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Provide fantastic extra-curricular programs

Little Scholars provide fantastic extra-curricular programs, which include bush kinder, but also music and dance classes, sports, swimming lessons, and more. We will also teach them to be environmental warriors, as at Little Scholars, we take our environmental commitment very seriously, and we believe in instilling these values in the younger generation.

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Learning through play

Provide a safe, caring and educational environment

Most importantly, our three-year-olds learn through play. In everything they do, we encourage and are inspired by their adventurous spirits and intuitive instincts for discovery. We foster their imagination and discovery with endless resources and creative play opportunities.

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast childcare centres provide a safe, caring and educational environment that encourages children to be curious, creative and confident. Little Scholars School of Early Learning is the perfect place for your toddler to learn, grow and make new friends. Contact us today to book a tour of one of our Brisbane or Gold Coast campuses – we look forward to meeting you!

At The Heart of Everything we do at Little Scholars are our Key Pillars

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