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Your Go-To for Toddler Childcare in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast

Our first priority is your child’s growth and development

At Little Scholars, we are proud to provide the best toddler childcare in the Brisbane and Gold Coast region.

Our first priority is your child’s growth and development; we nurture, teach and guide them so they can develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

It’s an approach that recognises how crucial the first few years are for a child’s development and ensures your toddler gets all the support they need to flourish during this time. We believe that both nature and digital technologies are important educational tools, which is why we instil a contemporary, sustainable and values-driven learning foundation in every curious little mind we have the honour of caring for.

We have toddler studios in our childcare campuses in Ashmore, Burleigh, Deception Bay, George Street (Brisbane City), Nerang, Ormeau, Pacific Pines, Parkwood, Redland Bay, Redland Bay South, Stapylton, and Yatala. Find a campus near you and then contact us to book a tour or playdate!

Learning Experiences

A magical time in their life and yours

When a child turns two, it really is a magical time in their life and yours. We understand that there are a lot of changes happening at this time, and we’re here to support and encourage your 2-year-old.

The Little Scholars team provides an environment where each individual child can grow and learn at their own pace, with activities designed specifically for the development of 2-year-olds. We also actively encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning, so that you can both experience the joy of discovery together.

Communication and language development is a huge part of a 2-year-old’s development, which is why we help your child get to know sounds, words and language, including early literacy and numeracy and social and emotional development. Little Scholars follows the 3a Abecedarian Approach Australia to reading. This is where children are active in conversational reading, encouraging verbal and non-verbal communication, while sparking your child’s imagination and stimulating curiosity.

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Our educators form strong bonds with the toddlers

In the toddler studios, we focus on relationships between educator and little scholar. Our educators form strong bonds with the toddlers, which ease the transition period of separation for the child from their parents, dealing with the big feelings that come with toddlerhood, as well as making transitions such as potty training easier.

Our dedicated educators ensure toddlers feel safe, secure and supported. Educators also recognise the need for fun, and plan programming thoughtfully so that your child is learning while playing. We recognise the incredible honour we have of educating and caring for children and do so passionately.


Play-based learning, with stimulating activities and experiences

Our 2-year-olds take part in play-based learning, with stimulating activities and experiences that are tailored to their busy bodies. This is a time when children are open to new challenges and discoveries, and we foster this innate curiosity with plenty of sensory activities and activities that get those bodies moving, from sports to yoga, bush and beach kinder to dance.

Inside we set up inviting, interesting, and uncluttered spaces for 2-year-olds to explore. The studios are made up of a variety of areas including cosy, quiet areas with comfortable rugs, chairs, blankets and pillows, as well as areas for building and construction, dining area, creative expression and arts, dramatic and imaginary play in our home corner, and more. Sensory play is a big part of our day, incorporating various materials and textures, allowing our toddlers to scoop, pour, mould, colour, fill, empty, mix and splash, with plenty of open-ended resources that offer a hands-on approach to their learning.

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Health & Wellness

Your toddler will have plenty of opportunities to explore and learn

Our enormous outdoor playgrounds complete with water features, plants and nature spots, sandpits, climbing equipment, all designed to test their co-ordination, balance, skills and strength, as well include comfortable areas for cosying up with a book. Your toddler will have plenty of opportunities to explore, learn and make new friends.

We support your 2-year-old’s health with:

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Ensure your infant is safe and secure

Our facilities are designed with safety in mind

At Little Scholars, our facilities are designed with safety in mind, with covered outdoor play areas and secure fencing to ensure your infant is safe and secure. We also ensure their sun safety by ensuring hats and bodies are well covered with appropriate clothing and regular applications of sunscreen.

If you are looking for the highest quality childcare for 2-year-olds Brisbane and the Gold Coast have to offer, look no further than Little Scholars. Contact us today and book a tour of one of our campuses – we look forward to meeting you.

At The Heart of Everything we do at Little Scholars are our Key Pillars

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