What’s The BEST Childcare Centre Near Me? Deception Bay Childcare Reviews For Discerning Parents

Personalised service, extra-curricular programs, innovation and creativity. Healthy meals, happy educators and supportive administration. When looking for ‘the best childcare centre near me’ in far north Brisbane, the Deception Bay childcare branch of Little Scholars is head and shoulders above the rest.
So what’s the Little Scholars Difference?

The best childcare near me is different from the rest

The Little Scholars difference really comes down to you. The needs of parents and their children was considered above all else when it came to design, curriculum, innovation, meal planning and the million-and-one extras that give Little Scholars centres that special touch. This is a childcare program that has children and their parents firmly at the centre of all decision-making. This is a true best practice educational environment and you’ll be able to tell that on your very first tour of the Deception Bay childcare centre.

All the Little Scholars centres offer:

  • Innovative curriculum including bush kindy and real-life context experiences
  • Sporting classes
  • Japanese classes
  • Delicious three course meal service
  • A ‘take home meal’ service designed for busy parents
  • Breakfast service (coffee and pastries) for busy parents in the mornings
  • Environmentally friendly design and resources that encourage children and their carers to look after their planet
  • The diligent keeping of detailed educational records and observations that are poised to assist with a school transition program that makes the leap from kindy to prep as seamless as possible

Interested in Little Scholars? You can arrange a personalised tour here.

That’s The Best, What About The Rest?

All childcare centres must pass strict guidelines to do with quality of care and deliverance of a learning framework. As parents, it can be confusing to know which centres are best meeting those guidelines and perhaps exceeding them wherever possible. The wonderful thing about Deception Bay childcare is that parents are offered choice. This is the choice and the opportunity to give your child the best step forward in terms of their educational, social and emotional development. And at Little Scholars, the uniquely engaging and enriching programs on offer make them exceptional by anyone’s standards.

If you have the very best on your doorstep, you owe it to yourself to consider what life would be like if you were a Little Scholars family.

Are you currently searching “childcare centre near me”? Let us show you how incredible Deception Bay childcare can really be. Arrange your Little Scholars tour today!