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Scholarsgroup Skye Matthews

Skye Matthews

Campus Manager Pacific Pines

Skye has been with Little Scholars since nearly the beginning. Joining us in 2014 at our first campus in Yatala, she quickly climbed the ranks from lead educator, to second-in-charge (2IC), as well as taking on extra roles such as content creator and sustainability officer, then moved to our Pacific Pines campus when it opened in 2022 to become its campus manager.

Skye has a number of qualifications including her Diploma of Early Learning and a Certificate in Business Studies.

Skye believes the best part about working in early learning is being a part of caring for and raising the next generation.

“Knowing the love and care I give to children might just be what they need to know how amazing they are, as well as I love the relationships I make along the way with all the incredible educators and families,” she says.

“Being a good leader to me means being there with your educator’s families and children being a part of it all knowing what’s going on and understanding, supporting and working as a team.”

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