If you’d like your child to learn Japanese in Brisbane, then look no further than Little Scholars. We offer Japanese lessons as part of our extracurricular programs.

Japanese classes are more than just an opportunity for them to engage in learning an additional language. They provide both opportunity and outlet for personal and social development, cognitive and developmental growth, the attainment of key learning skills and an appreciation for cultures other than their own. By allowing your child to learn Japanese in one of our Brisbane, Logan or Gold Coast childcare centres, your child learns more than just a second language. For parents it means giving a young learner a head start, without taking up valuable family time. Want to find out more? Book a tour or contact us today.

How can learning a language at an early age help my child?

The National Quality Framework calls for early year’s education to be centred around a variety of outcomes. These are:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children are effective communicators

We offer Japanese lessons in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast for children as part of our extra-curriculuar program. We believe this gives children the opportunity to embrace their sense of identity and connectedness. Specialist teachers allow for an expert approach to create an atmosphere in which children will feel encouraged and supported as they experiment with language, sound and understanding.

  • Learning another language at a young age will further assist your child in terms of their:
  • Problem-solving skills as they apply concepts across a range of contexts
  • Critical-thinking skills as they analyse, determine ‘best fit’ and map their new understandings to form meaning
  • Creativity and excitement about learning
  • Memory and recall skills
  • Mental flexibility as they match English words and concepts to their Japanese counterparts
  • Resilience and emotional stability as they must experiment with trial and error while they learn new material

How can taking Japanese classes benefit our family?

The Japanese classes your child undertakes as part of their extra-curricular involvement at Little Scholars will have additional benefits in the home.

The engaging and exciting learning environments at Little Scholars will provide ample opportunity for you to connect with your child about their learning. You may even pick up some Japanese yourself! It is an exciting opportunity for your child to begin their learning journey in a strong and positive position as opposed to feeling resistant or intimidated about learning new things. The arguments about homework, the refusal to try new skills and all of the other potential fears about your child’s education may well be staved off by academic opportunities offered in the pre-school years. It’s part of the Little Scholars Philosophy of Learning.

Interested in Japanese classes? Brisbane and Gold Coast boutique childcare centres, Little Scholars, offer specialist teaching experiences across all our campuses.