Whether your child is starting childcare for the first time or joining us at Little Scholars, change can be intimidating for both the child and parents!

We hope you’ve taken advantage of our playdates so that the centre your child is joining isn’t brand new to him or her. The purpose of our playdates is to familiarise your child (and you!) with their new educators, peers and surroundings, and help our educators get to know your child.

Let your educator know about any settling techniques or routines your child is used to for sleep, as well as your expectations and discipline.

In the days leading up to joining us

We recommend you talk with your child about what will happen at the centre in the days leading up to their start. Remind them about their playdates, such as if you remember educators or peers’ names, or one part of the daycare they may remember (our playgrounds are always a hit!).

Get their help in packing their daycare bag. Keeping your child an active participant in getting ready our campus helps them get used to the idea. Especially if there’s a special toy or blanket in there for them, they’ll be comforted knowing it’s there if they need it.

First day

Try to keep goodbyes short. Be calm. Of course, respond to your child’s distress and comfort them, but be firm and reassure them you’ll be coming back.

Spend extra time with them to reconnect when you return and ask them about their day. This is also an opportunity to ask your educator for some useful questions that can help encourage your child to open up about their day’s experience.

Packing your child’s bag:
  • A sun-safe hat that protects your child’s face, neck and ears. A Little Scholar sun-safe hat will be given to your child when they enrol, you can include this or an alternative hat each day
  • Drink bottle
  • Sleeping sheet set or blanket and a pillow for nap time. We do not allow pillows in cots per safe sleeping recommendations
  • Change of clothes as our play can get messy, and underwear (especially if a child is toilet-training or three years and up). Always make sure appropriate clothing is packed depending on weather/season. As children are outside every day and participate in Forest School each week, we recommend longer-sleeved t-shirts and pants that protects little bodies from the sun, as well as closed-toe shoes with good grips
  • Bib or two if needed
  • Sunscreen is applied at our centres, but you are welcome to bring an alternative if your child is sensitive skin or is allergic
  • Mosquito repellent if you wish
  • A comfort item such as a toy or blanket
  • Dummy (if required) in a sealed, named container. Sterilised bottles with pre-boiled water and formula in a tin or in formula dividers
  • Wet bag – we play in rain and sprinklers, so something to contain wet items
  • Feel free to bring in photos of your family that we can display around our centre, so when your child is engaged in learning they know you’re always there. You can also bring in cultural pieces that represent your family – we love having a piece of your home in ours.

Don’t forget, we’re here for you too, parents! If you have any questions about how your child is settling in, please don’t hesitate to call your campus or have a conversation with your lead educator at any time.

More information

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