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“So overall my wants, my wishes, my dreams, my hopes and ambitions of my two little people are that they are happy. simply happy ..”
– Ashley

In 2036 your 2 year old will be 18 and your 4 year old will be 20… What does this world look like for you and your child?

I was asked an important question about what I see for my children in the future. it’s funny how one simple question can bring up so much emotion surrounding what the future holds for my child. When you live in a time that is changing so much , it’s tough to think about what their little futures hold, will time heal the world or will it damage the world further!

The world is forever changing, as are the directions we choose to go. What are my hopes and dreams for them ?, Well that question is simple to answer, yet I feel the need to elaborate on what I truly want, see, hope and dream of.

I hope for happiness and health, for love and wellbeing. I hope that life is fair to them, That they surround themselves with people who see their worth, men that respect them, friends that cherish them, and work jobs that inspire them to be the best they can be, whilst fulfilling their inner strengths. I hope they dream of all the possibilities and ways they can contribute to changing the world, and work to fulfil their own dreams and ambitions along the way. I hope that they give to the world and never expect anything in return. I hope they be kind to the older generation, understanding of the disabled, lend a hand to the poor and be fulfilled in knowing they made a difference. I Dream of a world for them where there is no fear in being you, if your gay be gay, if you want pink hair, dye it pink. if you want to own 50 dogs then invite me over to play with them.

As for dreams. Dreams are dreams. Most of the time they are things we know we can never achieve yet spend a life trying to. I dream of world peace, call me Mrs. universe. I dream for them that they live in a safe world, As a parent you want to protect them from harm, from bad, I dream that I won’t need to, that they will never endure the worst of what is out there.

Let’s talk skills and Qualities, I believe both my children have a bright fire in their soul, one full of passion, cheekiness, creativity and love. If I could see them be anything I’d want them to be what I am and more. I may not have had the best education, be the sharpest tool in the shed, but my values , my skills, and qualities all surround CARE. I want my girls to be carers, nurses, doctors, disability workers, counsellors, great mothers, wives. I want them to CARE for people, because caring for someone is such a selfless act. My favourite memory behind my skills of caring is of a dear old lady Maybe, I spent more time than allocated, doing her hair, dressing her in her finest clothes, putting her in her favourite position in the dining room of the nursing home. Id paint her nails, read her books, drink cups of tea with her on my tea break, all because seeing her happy made me feel that the skill of caring was where I was meant to be the day she died she took part of my soul with her. If my children want to be scientist, designers work in the supermarket stacking shelves, then ill support them with their growth, As long as what drives them is caring about the people they work with or for. I could sit here and tell you I want my girls to be CEOs, be rich, be famous, but in my eyes money doesn’t make you happy, okay it makes life easier But happiness comes from being surrounded by health, love and other caring people, by all means if you can achieve the above and be fulfilled in all aspects of your life and be happy along the way, then be my guest , I’d love a cabana on the water in the Maldives when you’re rich enough to afford it.

So overall my wants, my wishes, my dreams, my hopes and ambitions of my two little people are that they are happy. Simply happy.

Love Ashley

Little Scholars mum