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Little Scholars School of Early Learning Nerang

Little Scholars Nerang is our newest state of the art Early Learning Centre that provides a home away from home with the highest quality educational programs. Our vision is to work hard to equip our children with the skills needed for success in today’s world.

Now Open

Centre Details

​Corner of McLaren Rd & Crusader Way
P: ​5596 0892
E: ​
Hours: ​Monday-Friday 6.30am-6.30pm
Centre Manager ​Debbie Tee

Our First Priority Is The Growth And Development Of Your Child

​Our aim is to create the flexibility to readily adapt to changing technologies. Our educators foster learning environments that encourage critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, communication, collaboration, global awareness and social responsibility. Even though we have a modern day vision we are still all about good old fashioned play based learning and fun in a natural, homelike environment that allows children to flourish and grow.

Little Scholars Nerang has been custom-designed to nurture the physical, emotional, cognitive and social interests of young children at all developmental levels. In line with our unique early education approach, all Little Scholars Campuses promote interaction with natural materials, free access between indoor and outdoor spaces and optimise meaningful play opportunities for learning development.

Our highly qualified educators provide high quality learning inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach in purpose built environments complete with lush gardens and an abundance of natural resources. Consisting of three flowing classrooms including a specially designed water park, loose part environment for construction, and art space for clay work and fine art materials, children are free to wander from space to space engaging in their own interests.

Sustainability is a core focus at Little Scholars, much of our furniture and indoor equipment made from natural materials to our sustainability programs which include recycling, use of recycled resources, energy efficiency and water conservation, all embedded in daily routines of the service.

Families are welcome to join in on our excursions, story time or pop in throughout the day.

In further collaboration, the service implements its nutritious food policy through working with families. Educators actively promote healthy eating and eliminate the use of high sugar and salt and use mealtimes for intentional teaching about healthy foods. The centre has an open kitchen where children are able to watch the cooking process and even become involved in the preparation of meals. 

QLD Government Approved Kindergarten

Little Scholars Nerang offers the Queensland Kindergarten Program with a University Trained and Bachelor Qualified Teacher.

The Program developed by the Queensland Studies Authority embraces the inclusive vision that “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life.” The program focuses on enriching each child`s life and most importantly concentrating on the skills that our Children will need to start Prep.

We are really passionate about this program and equipping our boys and girls with as many skills as possible for their journey into big school. Our children are supported in developing letter and number recognition, science and math’s concepts, technology skills and social competence in this year prior to school.

A very important focus for us is ensuring our children are socially ready to start school and know how to form and maintain friendships.

Regular excursions are a big part of our program as well as our Famous Bush Kinder- a educational learning program outside of the classroom.

Our Learning Environments

Designed to enhance the learning experience for babies and children, the learning spaces include;

  • Huge outdoor play areas for all age groups, featuring natural gardens, sand-pits, scooter path and a natural creek bed for water play and discovery.
  • A specially designed water park and animal farm
  • Commercial ‘theatre-style’ kitchen and café-style dining designed to enhance interactions with food and the centre cook, as well as giving children the opportunity to socialise over meals.
  • Art and science and sensory play with mirrored balls, shakers and instruments
  • Reading nook for quiet play and relaxation

Our unique, oversized, age appropriate outdoor play areas have been purpose built to help children grow and develop in play spaces that are safe and exciting. Out playgrounds are state of the art with many features that surpass our competitors.

As children grow and move through the centre they are offered new and exciting play spaces that extend their fine and gross motor skills, imagination and creativity.

Chickens, worm farms, bird aviaries, water park and herb and vegetable gardens are also incorporated into the centre to help teach children about the importance of nature in the world around us.

Campus Information

  • Care for ages 6 weeks – school age across four classrooms 
    • 6 weeks - 2 yrs
    • 2yrs - 3yrs
    • 3yrs -4 yrs
    • 4yrs – 5yrs- Kindergarten
  • Before and After School Care
  • Holiday Club/Vacation Care
  • All meals included
  • Nappies included
  • Courtesy Bus offering pickups and drop offs to home/school/work * Conditions Apply
  • Yoga, Sports, Music & dance and Language classes taught by trained experts all included in the fees


Why Make the Move?

​We believe in Making a Difference

​Our family owned and operated boutique centre offers quality care and education from birth to school age at affordable rates. Our skilled educators and premium facilities aim to meet the needs of every Little Scholar.

Quality Nappies and wipes, Fresh Three Course Meals, Educational Programs led by Qualified Experienced Teachers, Extra Curricular programs such as Dance and Yoga plus a Courtesy Bus, are just some of the features we include in our daily fee.