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Category Archives for "Parents Corner"

Why Childcare Wins For Early Child Development

By The Age Of Three, It’s Already Clear – Childcare Wins For Early Childhood DevelopmentThe decision to enrol children in a reputable, high-quality childcare environment is no longer just to do with the working life of their parents. Increasingly, it’s become an active choice for fostering child development, socialisation and the gathering of real-world practical […]

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Childcare Near Work Vs Childcare Near Home

It’s a question most parents ask themselves when trying to decide on the location of a childcare centre, “Should I pick a childcare near me at work or childcare close to home?” The fact is, it very much comes down to your individual family situation, what works best for you and where you work. To […]

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If This Happens To You, You MIGHT Be A Working Mother.

Do you remember that time before marriage and kids? Cruising through life smug and content from endless weekend sleep-ins and long, lazy brunches? You built your schedule around your needs and priorities and were (mostly) able to juggle everything you had going on deftly and gracefully. You may have occasionally woken up on a Sunday […]

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Toddler Hitting, Biting and Tantrums

toddler biting and tatrumsWhen we see your toddler throwing an epic tantrum, don’t be embarrassed and don’t worry, we’re not judging you, we’re simply wishing you wine and silence. You might feel like a bad parent when you discover your toddler hitting and biting but it’s a completely normal part of development between the ages […]

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Gold Coast Childcare Centre – Reviews by Parents

If you’re looking for a Gold Coast childcare centre, we know how important it is to find the right fit. At Little Scholars, we have two highly regarded childcare and early education centres at Ashmore and Nerang. In addition to the uniquely enriching and premium service Little Scholars provides, each of our Gold Coast centres […]

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What Is The Best Childcare Centre In Redlands?

Little Scholars provides the best childcare centre that Redlands has to offer. The world-class facilities, innovative curricular and extra-curricular offerings and the Little Extras mean that this childcare centre is far and away the best choice for families in the area.Little Scholars Childcare Centre, RedlandsOpen from 6.30am to 6.30pm weekdays, this superior choice is located […]

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