Helping children to regulate their emotions
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The importance of building emotional regulation skills young Babies are not born knowing how to control their emotions, nor are adults necessarily well-versed in how to regulate their emotions, even after decades experiencing them. While modern society is making way and space for people to feel and
Children aren't the only ones who deal with separation anxiety
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Parental separation anxiety : what it is and how to deal with it Elizabeth Stone, an award-winning essayist and journalist, once captured the essence of parenthood with a poignant quote, ‘Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go wa
30 surprisingly refreshing tips to get your selective (picky) child to eat
Parents CornerEatinglunch
Food ideas to get the approval and acceptance of your little food critic We're sure approximately 96.3 per cent of parents deal with a child who, let's say, is choosey about what they want to eat. So choosey, in fact, they may choose to eat almost nothing you put in front of them. The amount of
Unveiling the Gold Coast's ultimate playgrounds
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As advocates for early childhood development, we understand the significance of outdoor play in fostering a child’s physical and cognitive growth. If you’re seeking vibrant spaces that not only get your children moving but also spark their enthusiasm for the great outdoors, look no further. We�
Proven techniques for boosting speech development in early childhood
For anyone who's ever tried to learn a new language, you can probably attest to the fact it's challenging. You think in one language and translate into another. There are new tenses, jargon, sentence structures, plurals versus singular words, never mind having the muscular movement necessary to form
Age appropriate answers to sometimes hard-to-answer questions from children
We adore the endless stream of questions that little ones bring to us every day!  From an early education standpoint, we want children to learn at every opportunity. Children are inquisitive beings, and they have lots to learn! At Little Scholars, we cherish this innate curiosity in children and st
The benefits of bringing children of different ages together in early learning
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If you're a parent of more than one child, or spend time with children of varying ages, you may already see the benefits of those children interacting with each other. In early learning, while we arrange for children of similar ages or development together most of the time, we do make time and space
The best activities to entertain your child while travelling
As the year draws to a close, our thoughts eagerly turn to the holiday season—a time for rest, cherished moments with family, and often, travel adventures with our little ones in tow.Travelling with young children, whether by car or plane, can sometimes be a challenge for parents. But fear not, we
Social robots, AI and early childhood learning
The Little Scholars School of Early Learning recently joined forces with Southern Cross University for an innovative project, looking at how children engage and interact with social robots. NAO is a social robot that has been programmed to interact socially with people and this digital tool has the
How we can support 'slow to warm up' children
Each child comes into the world with a unique temperament, or personal way of engaging with their surroundings. One key aspect of this temperament is how a child reacts to new experiences and people they haven't met before. While some children are naturally at ease and dive straight into unfamiliar
Tips and tricks for dealing with separation anxiety
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Do you have a child who's struggling with separation anxiety, especially at when being dropped off at school or early education? Perhaps they're going through a developmental milestone that makes them need Mum or Dad a bit more than before. This is common starting around six months of age, peaks at
Children and risky play - why we should be encouraging it
Everyday life is full of risks and challenges, and at Little Scholars, we believe children need opportunities to develop the skills associated with managing risk and making informed judgements about risks from a very young age. Risky play helps to develop important life skill learnings such as; buil
How to make moon sand
We know it can be hard to come up with easy, quick things to do with your children, so we thought we’d share a favourite of our little scholars. Learn how to make your own moon sand in minutes with a few of these kitchen staples! Preparation Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: None Ingredients
The benefits of playing with clay in early childhood
Did you know that clay is not only a fun material for children to play with but also incredibly beneficial for their development? What's fantastic about clay is its open-ended nature. There's no right or wrong way to play with it, giving children the freedom to explore and express themselves. Whe
The best playgrounds on the Gold Coast, Redlands, Logan and Brisbane
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If you’re after the best playgrounds in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Redland areas, look no further. Here we cover all of the top playgrounds in the region so that you can have a fun day out with your little one no matter where your adventures take you!We think South East Queensland has really st
How books can inspire and empower young children
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Have you ever wondered how the books your children read can influence their growth and development? If not, you're not alone, and it's never too late to start paying attention. As parents, we all wish for our children to grow up as thoughtful, intelligent, resilient, and kind individuals. Regardless
Getting messy in early childhood
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Learning to write. Learning to read. Learning to count. There is a certain set of expectations of things children are expected to learn around the time they are about to start school, but what about other equally important things, things that will give children just as many future benefits, but make
How to teach self-respect to your child: tips for parents
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Teaching a small child self-respect, to find and use his or her own voice can be one of the most valuable lessons you share as a parent or special adult in that child's life. When children can speak up for themselves, this will help them in every aspect of their lives, for the rest of their lives. H
The Collective: Little Scholars' educational initiative
ArticlesAlice Micklewright
If you have a child at Little Scholars, you've likely heard of 'The Collective' but do you know what it is? We thought it might be time for an explainer!Little Scholars School of Early Learning’s The Collective is a service-wide, multi-faceted educational initiative, designed to enhance each child
Benefits of sensory play For children
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Contrary to what you may have heard, it’s not only children with difficulties related to social integration that can benefit from sensory play but something all children can benefit from.The benefits of sensory play for toddlers and babies go beyond simply having fun with your child. As parents, s
The importance of routines for children
The importance of routines for children is often overlooked. Life moves with different patterns each day, and habits can help children make sense of it all. As parents or carers, it’s crucial to be aware of this and implement healthy structures in your child’s life. Following these routines make
Reflective practice at Little Scholars: what it is, examples, and why it’s important
As early childhood educators, we encounter a variety of situations on a daily basis, ranging from ordinary to interesting (to say the least!). Reflective practice in early learning is about taking a step back and critically examining these experiences to better understand what happened and why. By r
EYLF - A breakdown of the framework’s pillars, principles, practices, and learning outcomes
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At Little Scholars, we use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide our approach to teaching and learning. We are committed to creating fun and engaging experiences, which are inspired by Reggio Emilia educational philosophy, for children that promote their social, emotional, and cognitive
Upholding the ECA Code of Ethics at Little Scholars
At Little Scholars, the Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics serves as one of our guideposts in our approach to education, informing our interactions with children, families, colleagues, and the wider community. Our dedicated educators embrace these ethical standards, continually striving to pro
Embracing the Reggio Emilia Approach
At Little Scholars we are dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating, and safe educational setting for children. To accomplish this, we have integrated the Reggio Emilia approach into our curriculum. This powerful educational philosophy puts the child at the heart of their learning journey, ali
The benefits of doll play for boys and girls
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Do your children play with dolls? There have been some fascinating research findings that highlight the advantages of dolls as a tool for nurturing social and emotional skills in children. Recent studies have shown that doll play provides children with opportunities to engage in imaginative role-pla
Little Scholars celebrates bond with 'grandfriends'
Since nearly the beginning of Little Scholars, Little Scholars School of Early Learning has been proud to have special friendships in the community with people who live in aged care setting. The premise of Little Scholars Intergenerational Program, dating back to 2015,
25 Fun-filled Children's Activities on the Gold Coast
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Are you a local looking for some new children's activities on the Gold Coast, or here on holiday trying to plan some outings? We can help!Apart from the beautiful beaches to explore, playgrounds to climb, and the hinterland to hike in, there are plenty of other entertaining and engaging activities f
Unleashing STEM superstars through Early Childhood Education
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In today's fast-paced world, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are the driving forces behind innovation and progress. To equip the next generation with the skills they need to thrive in this exciting landscape, we have to recognise the incredible impact of early childhood educ
Why getting children outside is so important at Little Scholars
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If you follow our social media posts, you know we’re passionate about getting our Little Scholars outside. Have you ever wondered why outdoor play is such a vital part of our early educational program? Here are a few compelling reasons: Embracing the sensory experience Imagine the fr
What reading looks like in early education
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Because we offer a transition to school program through our kindy and pre-kindy studios, from time to time, our educators and early childhood teachers are asked, 'when are you going to teach my child to read?' to which our answer is, we already are! But perhaps, not in the way parents expect.The exp
Little Scholars supports vulnerable children with Baby Give Back
At the core of Little Scholars School of Early Learning lies a strong foundation built on four pillars: Contribute, Grow, Inspire, and Learn. Embracing these pillars, Little Scholars believes in a philosophy centered around understanding the purpose behind everything they do. Their focus is on nurtu
Little Scholars pillar awards honour educators
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At Little Scholars, we have four pillars that underpin everything that we do at Little Scholars – for our children, families, educators, and our community.As part of our annual awards, we have four awards dedicated to those Little Scholars’ values – learn, grow, inspire and contribute. This ye
Is Childcare Tax Deductible in Australia?
Welcoming a new addition to your family is an extraordinary blessing. Along with the joy and love that fills your home, there are practical matters to consider, such as childcare. When you entrust your precious little ones into the hands of capable, nurturing early childhood educators, it’s an inv
Understanding Attachment Theory: The Impact of Early Education and Care on Babies
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For parents leaving their babies or young toddlers in care for the first time, it can be a stressful experience. When the paid maternity leave ends, parents must make the decision of whether or not both parents will work outside the home. The choice to leave their young child in early learning and c
Healthy Eating Habits for Children
It’s no mystery that food plays a vital role in a child’s growth, and healthy eating makes a healthy child. While eating a small number of unhealthy foods like sugary sweets and processed snacks won’t cause much harm, a balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables is best. The foundations o
What is a pedagogical leader and why is it important to have one at Little Scholars?
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When you think of childcare, you might not necessarily think of early education, but that's precisely what Little Scholars is doing; providing high calibre early education for the critical first five years of a child's life, and at the same time, changing society's perception of what childcare, or e
Family Camping Near Brisbane - What To Pack and Where To Go
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Are you planning a family camping trip near Brisbane? Camping with children can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it requires some extra planning and preparation. From choosing the right campsite to packing the essentials, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind to ensure a successfu
Things to consider when choosing a childcare centre
When choosing a childcare centre for your little one, it can be exciting yet overwhelming at the same time. There are endless options out there, but the question we often hear is, where do I even begin? Well, at Little Scholars, we’re here to guide you through with our professional childcare exper
Little Scholars Award Winners 2023
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We have the very best early education educators at Little Scholars School of Early Learning. It’s our great honour to present our 2023 Little Scholars Employee Award winners. 🎖These outstanding recipients, through some challenging times, have demonstrated their dedication, commitment and have g
The BEST Australian podcasts for anyone who spends time with children | Little Scholars
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What an incredible asset online media has become when it comes to raising or educating children. From YouTube to Instagram, there's a wealth of expert information at your fingertips that previous generations simply didn't have. Thanks to online media, parents and educators can now access an array of
Top 10 Children's Books to Inspire Fun and Conversation | Little Scholars
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Reading with children is transformational - it helps with communication and language development, cognitive skills, inspires imagination and creativity, serve as conversation starters, we could go on and on. It's also fantastic bonding time that will create memories to last a lifetime. You probably
Schemas - how babies learn about the world | Little Scholars
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Babies are a mysterious bunch. For many months, their main forms of communication are cries, squeaks, gestures and coos. Parents fall madly in love with these little humans without knowing what they’re thinking and feeling, often just guessing at best.How babies play, how and what they’re learni
Have you tried slow parenting? | Little Scholars
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Our days seem to be getting more and more hectic. There's the 9-5 slog, rushing to and from work, drop-offs and pick-ups at daycare and school, running to appointments, weekends are for relaxing, or are they actually for rushing to children's sports, house and yard maintenance? Even being more conne
Our top 5 tips on safe screen time for small children | Little Scholars
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We live in a digital world, and for many of us, our small children are quicker to learn and use technology than we are. For a parent, letting your child use technology can be a bit of a break, so you can have a few minutes to work, cook, tidy up or even just have some peace. And increasingly, childr
10 must-have educational apps for preschoolers | Little Scholars
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Do you have a little one who is eager to learn and likes technology? Apps can improve skills in fine motor skills, reading, phonics, maths, problem-solving and more. Research suggests that after age two, children may benefit from some types of screen time, such as programming with music, movement an
Teaching emotional awareness to children: tips and strategies | Little Scholars
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Teaching children emotional awareness, in themselves and recognising emotions in others, is an important part of children's growth and wellbeing. Understanding emotions is also not something ingrained, and not necessarily an easy thing to teach or grasp, especially as these small humans' brains are
Do your child's development milestones really matter? | Little Scholars
Parents Corner2q3a2455
From the moment your child is born, you are inundated with information on your child's growth and whether or not they're hitting their developmental milestones - the sets of functional skills or age-specific tasks that most children can do at a certain age range.Comparison is often called the thief
Alternatives to saying 'be careful' to children | Little Scholars
Parents CornerRiskyplay3
As parents and as educators, it's our job to keep children safe.  For children, it's their job to explore, push limits, move their bodies, and happily tune out what they don't want to hear.So when a child is engaging in risky play - which is so important in a child's development as it furthers thei
Child-friendly recipe - Lunchbox Pizza Scrolls
Img 4134
These pizza scrolls are a guaranteed favourite for everyone! Whether you are after a super easy lunchbox snack, dinner for your little ones or even afternoon tea, these pizza scrolls will definitely be a favourite for kids and parents! WHAT DO I NEED Puff pastry sheets (Don’t have
Night-time habits to get families ready for the next day
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After getting the little ones to bed each night, you are probably just about ready to turn in yourself. It can be hard to motivate yourself to do anything more than scroll through your phone while brushing your teeth! Although this may be your own night-time ritual, spending a little bit of time awa
Easy 3 Ingredient Scone Recipe
Articles, Parents CornerImg 4112
Looking for an easy snack to make with ingredients from home? Here is one of our delicious snack items from our Little Scholars menu. We had to share this recipe as it is super easy to make and you can add whatever toppings you want! You probably already have these ingredients in your kitchen!
Five things to say when your child gets hurt instead of saying 'you're ok'
Parents CornerDad,putting,a,plater,band Aid,on,his,sons,finger,on
Are you unsure of how to respond to your child when they hurt themselves? Growing up involves a lot of falling, tripping, bumping into things and it can cause big feelings in our little ones when it happens.Something as small as a scrape on the knee may not be a big deal for an adult but may be
Alternative ways of saying "No" to a child
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Explain the reason why instead of just saying no to children Take the time to tell them why they can’t. Statements such as “Because I said so” or “Because I told you so” are not efficient in this situation as you aren’t giving them an appropriate reason instead of just saying no to c
Tips for packing for a family trip
Parents CornerAdorable,toddler,girl,tourist,packs,clothes,into,a,large,suitcase
Have a fun trip planned with the family coming up? School holidays are here and we have some handy tips to make things easier for you and your family when it comes to packing for a trip! 1. Create a checklist Making a list will eliminate thinking and stress by having everything you need la
Bringing Children's Indigenous Dolls to Little Scholars Campuses
ArticlesIndigenous Dolls 7
Little Jarjums is a Children’s Indigenous dolls and clothing line created and designed by Emily Rose, a proud Ngarabul woman born and raised on Quandamooka country (North Stradbroke Island) and mum of two.Emily started making First Nations dolls to help her make an income to support her education
Pedagogical Practices: Bringing new learning techniques to Little Scholars
Parents CornerAshmore 28small
We are excited to welcome Susan Cooper, our new group Pedagogical Leader for Little Scholars School of Early Learning. Susan will support educators to guide and influence children’s love of learning by fostering family engagement, ensuring fidelity to Littl
Travelling with little ones: our tips and tricks
Parents CornerShutterstock 1607138116
Finally, after more than two years of us Australians being grounded, state and international borders have opened up and we can finally get up in the sky and explore like Aussies are meant to do!However, a trip with children may be even more daunting than it seemed a couple of years ago - dealing wit
Five tips for helping little ones with big changes at home
Parents Corner275554049 5177055615688197 5461099122961056338 N
Life is full of big changes, everyone goes through a few in their lifetime, and some of these things are in our control and some aren’t. Knowing changes are coming, whether they’re positive or negative, isn’t always easy. As change happens, your routines are disrupted and suddenly you have to
Dealing with After School Restraint Collapse
Parents Corner273540968 1055783118337023 4938949172607666017 N
What Is After School Restraint Collapse? Why do our children sometimes express some big bursts of negative moods after they come home from a seemingly fun day at childcare? This could be due to after school restraint collapse. Meanwhile, you expect them to come home happy and excited to tell yo
When your child is hitting, biting or pushing
Parents CornerBiting Blog 2
Are you a parent racking your brain trying to figure out how to get your little one to stop hitting, biting, or pushing other people?The good news is, it’s really common. The bad news for you is, it’s still your child doing it and you have to deal with it.For babies, this is a way to explore the
Feeding A Fussy Eater
Parents CornerEatinglunch
Why Are Some Children Fussy Eaters? Everyone knows or has a fussy eater. Whether it’s a two-year-old who won’t try new foods, a 10-year-old who is stuck on plain pasta or a ‘whitearian’ who only eats shades of beige, feeding children can become a real struggle. A period of fussiness is a
Starting at Little Scholars for the first time
Parents CornerDsc 9319
Whether your child is starting childcare for the first time or joining us at Little Scholars, change can be intimidating for both the child and parents!We hope you’ve taken advantage of our playdates so that the centre your child is joining isn’t brand new to him or her. The purpose of our playd
Encouraging frustration tolerance in early childhood
Parents CornerFrustrationtolerance2
Have you heard the term ‘frustration tolerance’ before? If you have a small child or work with them, you certainly know all about children struggling with frustrating emotions. Frustration tolerance is the ability to work through a problem, breathe, and figure out a solution. You see your chi
When is it time for a child to drop a nap
Parents CornerSleep
When a baby or toddler is ready to reduce the number of naps they have each day, or even drop naps altogether, this can be an equally challenging transition for parents!Daytime naps naturally lessen in length and frequency as a child gets older because they can tolerate more awake time, from both a
Christmas traditions at Little Scholars
Parents CornerShutterstock 1201088539
As another year draws to a close, and we look forward to spending time relaxing and with people we love, we decided to ask our staff what some of their favourite traditions around the holidays are. Who knows, it might inspire some new holiday traditions for you! Christmas Day “Every Chris
Navigating our new normal. COVID-19 and our plan
NewsIceflower 16
As Queensland, and Australia as a whole, takes baby steps to open to the world again after a challenging two years, Little Scholars School of Early Learning is taking big steps to ensure our children and our educators are as safe as possible as we navigate this new normal.We want our families and ou
How to make nutritious breakfast cookies
Img 7501
Super delicious and super healthy. Perfect to freeze. Here is one of our yummy morning tea items from our Summer Menu at Little Scholars. We wanted to share the recipe so you can try it at home. These are super tasty and packed full of healthy goodies. WHAT DO I NEED 100g dates1/3 cu
Child-approved recipe -San Chow Bow
Img 6560
Super simple to make and the little ones will love it. Here is one of our scrumptious lunches from our Summer Menu at Little Scholars. We wanted to share the recipe so you can try it at home. It’s a great interactive dish that will see the children eating vegetables so easily. WHAT DO I
Baby Give Back Christmas Gift Appeal
NewsScreen Shot 2021 11 15 At 1.28.30 Pm
You can help bring Christmas joy to vulnerable families.We are collecting new gifts for children (aged 0-17 years), parents and caregivers. The gifts will be distributed by Baby Give Back to families doing it tough via their network of caseworkers during December.Only NEW Christmas gifts can be acc
Transitioning to new studios in early childhood learning
NewsDsc 9488
For little humans, small changes can feel big. When it comes to transitioning rooms in childcare, some children will be excited to be more like the bigger children, but change can be more of a challenge to others.Moving up at Little Scholars means changes to routines, new educators but also new oppo
Little Scholars Award Winners 2021
ArticlesYatala Gallery 6
We have the very best early education educators at Little Scholars School of Early Learning. It’s our great honour to present our 2021 Little Scholars Employee Award winners. 🎖These outstanding recipients have demonstrated their dedication, commitment and have gone above and beyond this year wi
How to help your child get ready for school
NewsImg 0250
Is my child ready for school?  So, the questions that pop up often for a parent when their little ones are in their last year of kindergarten is; is my child ready for school, or what do I need to do to make sure my child is equipped for their school transition? These are all totally normal tho
Talking to your child about pregnancy loss
Parents CornerBurleigh 72 Small
Sadly, losing a pregnancy is a heartbreak many Australian families experience at least once in their lives. In fact, up to one in five pregnancies end in miscarriage or the loss of a child. When that loss happens, emotions can range from sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, and confusion. These feel
Why is the sky blue? (For children)
ArticlesScreenshot 2023 07 26 122905
We all know that the sky is blue, but many of us take this fact for granted. Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Well, you’re not alone! It’s a question that lots of children and adults have (and one that has left many a parent stumped…). In this blog, we take a close look at one of t
How to make Gummy Bear Slime!
Screenshot (31)
The easiest slime recipe you will ever read. There is something so nostalgic about gummy bears as they’ve been around for years! I’m sure many of us older ‘kids’ can recall eating a gummy bear or five so it’s safe to say, making this slime will bring you back to your childhood. We had a bl
Becoming a Foster Parent? Here is what you should know
Becoming a foster parent is not all rainbows and butterflies, it is a wholehearted decision which requires dedication and effort. It is a commitment that you choose and one that can helps provide a safe and caring environment for children and young people in our community. As a foster parent there
We encourage The Abecedarian Approach at all our Little Scholars campuses
News20210121 Little Scholars 22
Many of you might be familiar with the Abecedarian approach if you are a parent, however, if you're not that's okay, because we are here to share everything we know about this incredible learning approach. There are countless benefits of this learning approach which is what led us to adopting the Ab
How to make Kinetic Sand
Screenshot (23)
Sand Rainbows. Try this super simple Kinetic Sand recipe at home. You would be surprised, you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry. This is a super fun, vibrant activity you can do at home at anytime! WHAT DO I NEED 1 cup Baking Soda1/2 cup Sugar1/2 cup Corn Starc
How to make Halloween Hocus Pocus Slime
Screenshot (19)
Spoooky Slime. The easiest slime recipe you will ever read. Who loves Halloween?! We sure do! So, we thought it was only necessary to share our favourite Halloween inspired Hocus Pocus Slime! This is a super simple recipe to make and so much fun!!! Oh, and a handy tip! Don’t forget the Saline Solu
How to make Frozen Inspired Dough
Screenshot (16)
Frozen Dreams. The easiest slime recipe you will ever read. We have a fun activity for you to try at home, particularly for all the Elsa fans! Dreams really do come true with this Frozen-inspired homemade playdough.Simply add them all together, and remember go to town with the blue food colouring as
How to make Christmas Edible Dough
Screenshot (12)
Christmas Dough Cinnamon goodness. The easiest slime recipe you will ever read.Make your house smell just like Christmas and allow the children to really get into the festivities. You can be as creative as you like with this recipe! Think of everything that smells and looks like Christmas.Simply add
How to make Red Velvet Pudding Slime Dough
Red Velvet Edible Deliciousness. The easiest slime recipe you will ever read.For all of you who have a real sweet tooth, we have a super delicious Red Velvet edible slime recipe. We had a blast making this one, now it’s your turn to make (and eat) it. Simply add them all together, mix and hours of
How to make Icky Sticky Fluro Goo
Screen Shot 2021 07 17 At 6.09.57 Pm
Icky Sticky Fluro Goo. The easiest slime recipe you will ever read. Next time you are at the supermarket simple grab some of the Elmers Clear Glue.Simply add them all together, mix and hours of fun.WARNING best to do on an outside table because this stuff can get everywhere. What Do I Nee
How to make taste-safe foam
Screen Shot 2021 07 16 At 8.22.10 Am
Taste Safe Foam. Everyone is always looking for a Taste Safe Foam recipe that is super simple. So we found one. Seriously sensory friends, this one is Foamazing! Who knew canned chickpea juice could be handy.Chickpea can juice AKA Aquafaba is essentially the water that chickpeas and other legumes ha
How to make bread in a bag
Screen Shot 2021 07 14 At 9.32.00 Am
Super Simple Bread in the bag Recipe. We have a deliciously fun project for you to try this weekend with the children!How to make bread in a bag! This quick homemade bread recipe is made with minimal kneading and we can confirm ourselves…. it’s tasty!!! You Will Need: Gallon size
Jae talks all things childcare on Mamamia's podcast 'This Glorious Mess'
News2036 Shoot 9
Childcare is everything to us at Little Scholars. We are very excited to share the opportunity we had with Mamamia’s own podcast This Glorious Mess’ where our Little Scholars Founder, Jae Fraser, chatted all things childcare. This podcast is hosted by Leigh Campbell and Tegan Natoli and is a twi
We have partnered up with exceptional charity, Baby Give Back
NewsImg 1113
“Every child deserves the best start to life.”- Carly FradgleyWe are thrilled to announce we have partnered up with a Queensland non-profit organisation, Baby Give Back, which seriously tugs on the heart strings for us as this charity is doing exceptional things with helping support families wi
We are bringing the ‘zen’ to your children’s lives with our New Mindfulness Program!
As adults we all know the importance of finding ways to cope with any form of stress, anxieties or depression, because let’s face it - there is nothing more nerve-wracking than having a mental breakdown or feeling as though your head is going to explode…We have all been there.Naturally, as you g
Little Scholars George Street is thrilled to announce our first ever Valet service
NewsImg 2165
We are so excited to share with our community the launch of our George St Valet Service, our first ever Valet service for the hard-working families of Brisbane CBD who are looking to save some hours during the week, or are hoping for a more convenient drop off on the way to work. We know how time co
3 simple ways to help your children have a healthy relationship with food
Parents CornerShutterstock 1492423949 Copy
Before we get into your child’s healthy eating habits. Let’s reflect for a moment on your own relationship with food. Did you have to finish all the food on your plate when you were a child? Were sweets offered as a reward for good behaviour? Were there starving children in Africa always ready t
Food Allergy or Intolerance?
Articles, Parents CornerIs It Delicious?!
3 steps to telling the difference.Everywhere you look these days there seems to be more and more ‘free’ foods. Dairy free, gluten free, egg free, nut free… So, it is any wonder that parents are considering food as the culprit if their child has developed unusual symptoms or behaviours. When c
Iron is a superhero to children
Parents CornerImg 3297
So how do you know if your child is getting enough iron in their diet? Well firstly it is important to explain that there are two types of iron in food. Iron in foods that come from animals is easily absorbed into the body when we eat it. And the darker the meat, the more iron in there. So, this mea
How much sleep do children need?
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The amount of sleep a child needs will depend on their age, with infants (4-12-month-olds) needing roughly 12-16 hours a day, toddlers (1-2-year-olds) requiring 11 to 14 hours a day, pre-schoolers (3-5-year-olds) needing 10 to 13 hours, grade schoolers (6-12-year-olds) needing 9 to 11 hours, and tee
Disadvantages of Watching TV While Eating
If you’re a parent or caregiver to a young child, you have probably noticed that putting a screen in front of them at mealtimes keeps them sitting in their chair. But is it bad to eat while watching TV? Well, unfortunately, the disadvantages of watching TV while eating might outweigh the benefits.
10 Things to Look For in a Childcare Centre
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Wondering what to look for in an early learning campus? Finding the right one can be tricky and may even stir up anxiety in some parents. While this may come as no surprise to some, it does not have to be this way.A childcare centre is a special place that should nurture and enhance your child’s d
What are your hopes and dreams for your child?
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“So overall my wants, my wishes, my dreams, my hopes and ambitions of my two little people are that they are happy. simply happy ..”- AshleyIn 2036 your 2 year old will be 18 and your 4 year old will be 20... What does this world look like for you and your child?I was a
Oatmeal Lactation Cookies – Do Lactation Cookies Work?
Parents CornerLactation Cookies
Lactation cookies are a great way to help increase your milk supply! The key ingredient is the brewer’s yeast. It's not recommended to substitute this for any other kind of yeast. This can be generally found in natural sections of supermarkets. Make sure the label says Brewer’s Yeast. When we a
Should we fuss about fussy eaters
The short answer is yes but more about that later.I think it is fair to say that one of our jobs as parents is to raise children who bounce. And by bounce we mean have resilience - to be able to take some of the knocks and scrapes that happen in life.Good food and nutrition is a pretty big part of b
A Day in the Life at a Little Scholars Early Learning Campus
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You pile the children into the car, late as per usual, and do the panicked drive to your local Little Scholars campus.Upon entering your Little Scholars campus, you’re suddenly enveloped into an atmosphere of calm. There’s coffee and croissants waiting for you next to a sign-up list for take-hom
The Little Scholars community focus
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By introducing children to the people and places around them at an early age, your child will begin to establish a sense of familiarity and recognise first-hand the importance of belonging to a community. As part of their community involvement program, Little Scholars partners with local schools, li
Six Powerful Tips For Positive Communication With Children
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No matter your age, communication is an important skill. For pre-schoolers though, their ability to communicate and listen to instructions is a steep learning curve in their development. At times, it can be frustrating if an adult can’t understand what the child is saying or the child can’t use
This Is Why Your Toddler Should Be Colouring In, Every Single Day
Colouring in activities are not only great fun but there are some wonderful benefits for your toddler to gain via this simple activity.  Colouring in is an easy and largely mess-free activity to implement at home and is also a great way to keep toddlers busy when out and about.Children simply love
Why The Best Toys For A Two Year Old Aren't In The Shops And Where To Find Them!
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Looking for play ideas for your little one? There are many ways for your two year old to play, explore and learn that don't involve store-bought toys.  With creative use of everyday things around the home, you can inspire your toddler to use their imagination, develop their curiosity and learn thro
Toilet Training Trouble – Tips for Struggling Parents
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Don't do it alone. We are here to help.Including us (the Little Scholars crew) in the toilet training process is invaluable because our Educators often are among the first to recognise when a child is developmentally ready to toilet train, we can communicate with you and provide appropriate and cont
Loose Parts Play – Building More Imaginative Minds
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“ Loose parts play ” is an architectural concept from the 1970’s currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the early years learning curriculum framework. This development is enjoying burgeoning popularity in childcare centres and kindergartens across Australia.  Early educator are choo
Trains, Planes and Ship Spotting Brisbane to Gold Coast
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There's nothing like a three year old with a transport obsession! Plane, ship and train spotting is an excellent way to encourage your child’s interests whilst creating an engaging, contextual learning experience that can connect their early learning centre activities to the real world. Your chil
Sustainability for Children – Lessons A Toddler Can Understand
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Now more than ever, it is of the upmost importance that we foster sustainability for children. The banning of plastic bags from supermarkets, the cultural shift towards upcycling and repurposing and our renewed focus on the environment means that our children are well on their way to becoming the ec
Baby Play – Baby Activities that Foster Development
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From about eight months of age, baby is ready for some creative play with your help and guidance. Baby can now lift and hold things and is starting to explore more. Baby play is all about learning new things and there are lots of things to start showing and teaching baby. Encouraging and creating lo
The BEST Childcare Centre Near Me? Deception Bay Childcare Reviews
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What’s The BEST Childcare Centre Near Me? Deception Bay Childcare Reviews For Discerning Parents Personalised service, extra-curricular programs, innovation and creativity. Healthy meals, happy educators and supportive administration. When looking for ‘the best childcare centre near me’ in
Why Early Learning Wins For Early Child Development
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By The Age Of Three, It’s Already Clear – Early Learning and Care Wins For Early Childhood Development The decision to enrol children in a reputable, high-quality childcare environment is no longer just to do with the working life of their parents. Increasingly, it’s become an active choi
Childcare Near Work Vs Childcare Near Home
Childcare close to work Pros You can collect your child quickly if they become unwell.You can drop in during your lunch break.You can spend more time talking with your kids in the car on the commute to and from childcare.You can spend more time with your kids due to later drop off and earl
Toddler-Friendly River Swimming and Waterfalls Brisbane and Gold Coast
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All Natural and Healthy Fun Introducing young children, particularly toddlers, to the beauty and fun of natural swimming holes is like opening up a photo album of your own youth. The gorgeous, untouched glory of the wide variety of waterfalls Brisbane region has to offer cuts through any over-d
Top Things To Do On The Gold Coast With Toddlers
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The Gold Coast is ripe with opportunities for healthy, outdoor family fun. You’ll be bombarded with suggestions for theme parks and the like but if you’re looking for more creative things to do on the Gold Coast with toddlers, the following suggestions are bound to make for some excellent memori
Gold Coast Childcare Centre – Reviews by Parents
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If you’re looking for a Gold Coast childcare centre, we know how important it is to find the right fit. At Little Scholars, we have two highly regarded childcare and early education centres at Ashmore and Nerang. In addition to the uniquely enriching and premium service Little Scholars provides, e
Toddler Friendly Scooter and Skate Parks Brisbane and Gold Coast
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Brisbane skate parks (and their Gold Coast counterparts) are often dominated by big kids that can dwarf our little ones. However, there are a few family-friendly spots where you can go to take advantage of facilities that are better designed to meet the needs of little feet. Benefits of scootin
What To Ask Your Early Childhood Centre BEFORE You Enrol Your Child
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Dropping off your little angel at an early childhood centre for the first time can be understandably daunting. You leave your child with strangers and wonder if they will get the same amount of care and attention that you give them at home.As a concerned and nervous parent, you can make it easier on
What Is The Best Childcare Centre In Redlands?
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Little Scholars provides the best early learning and care services that Redlands has to offer. We have two campuses in Redland Bay with world-class facilities, innovative curricular and extra-curricular offerings and the little extras mean that these campuses are far and away the best choice for fam
Reclaim Your Saturday for Family Quality Time!
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Juggling work and family often means that quality time goes down the drain. There is just no room for a lazy weekend with everyone giggling over pancakes when there are chores to do, classes to attend and grocery shopping to spend your hard-earned cash on. In the blink of an eye, the weekend is fini
Nature Play For Toddlers
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Nature play isn’t a new thing, in fact, toddlers and kids of all ages have been indulging in nature play for centuries. The difference is these days it’s become alarmingly less the norm due to the advances in technology and extended periods of screen time. Our generation has also become more ris
Why Our Childcare Philosophy Is A Bit Different
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We do things differently at Little Scholars. Our early learning philosophy is unique and we’re proud of it.Our focus incorporates the whole family as opposed to just the child attending our campus. We understand that your child is your entire world and that, by reflection, you are the world for yo
We’re Delaying Prep – And This Is Why!
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Delaying Prep. It seems that as a parent you just cannot win, no matter what decision you make. Once your child reaches school age, it seems that everyone becomes an expert in primary education and it can make you question your own decisions.Our decision to delay Prep for our son was an emotional on
Horse Riding Brisbane and Gold Coast for Toddlers and Young Children
Parents CornerHorse Riding Brisbane And Gold Coast For Toddlers And Young Children
Horse riding has many benefits for young children. Far beyond cute photo opportunities, this is an outdoors activity that can have impressive social, emotional and physical benefits for young riders.Allowing children to get up close and personal with these peaceful and majestic animals can be quite
Free To Good Home – One Three-Year-Old!
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Hell hath no fury like a toddler whose cup is orange when he really wanted blue. Ah yes, three-year-old tantrums. It’s a rite of passage that no parent can ever truly prepare for. It’s like something out of a horror film. There you are, minding your own business in the canned vegetables aisle.
Japanese Classes May Do More Than Teach Children Japanese!
Parents CornerJapanese Classes Brisbane
If you’d like your child to learn Japanese in Brisbane, then look no further than Little Scholars. We offer Japanese lessons as part of our extracurricular programs.Japanese classes are more than just an opportunity for them to engage in learning an additional language. They provide both opportuni
Ready for Prep? Top Primary School Rankings and Ratings Near You!
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Little Scholars’ Government Approved Kindergarten Program is the perfect way to help your child prepare for prep and everything that transition entails. As a parent, you have probably given considerable thought to where to send your child once they’re ready to take that next step. Consulting pri
5 Reasons To Choose Brisbane City Childcare (and why they’ll make you feel like a better parent)
Parents CornerChildcare Brisbane City
When you work in Brisbane City, it’s often the case of having to drop your child at a suburban childcare centre early in the morning to get to work on time. Days are long, and the distance can be a tad inconvenient. Imagine being able to say goodbye to the hindrances of suburban childcare? Brisban
Help! I’ve been offered my dream job! I need good childcare near me, STAT!
Parents CornerChildcare Near Me
Whether you’ve been offered a new position with your dream company or you’re simply looking for the best ‘childcare near me’ in your area, there are a number of factors that require careful and deliberate consideration. Just because it’s urgent doesn’t mean you need to settle for the low
Seven Surprising Things They Never Tell You About Returning To Work
Parents CornerReturn To Work
A return to work after having children isn’t all that bad – in fact, there are some pretty good reasons why it could be the best decision you’ll make! Of course, as many mothers experience, mummy guilt will be in full force, but hopefully, these benefits will help you see past that guilt so th
Gold Coast and Brisbane Bushwalking That Even a Toddler Can Do
Parents CornerBrisbane Bushwalking
Thinking of bushwalking in Brisbane with little ones in tow? There are great tracks that are closer than you think. Taking young children bushwalking can be an excellent way to contextualise the great learning they do about nature with actual immersion in a natural setting. Outdoor nature play featu
Home made Chia Seed Jam on our Winter Menu
Amazing health home made food for the children at Little Scholars Put away your canning equipment and bags of sugar, my friends. There’s a new jam in town at Little Scholars and its name is chia. Yes, by using the gelling power of these tiny little seeds we can transform a few cups of ripe fr
Useful links on childhood development
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H2 Here is a collection of useful websites for parents on child development. Starting is a new, family friendly resource available to help new parents answer child care questions and better understand the benefits of early childhood education and care. It offers hel
Settling In
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We aim to ensure that you and your little scholar settle in and enjoy the Little Scholars experience. Introducing your little scholar to care can be an emotional time. It is fair to expect some tearful goodbyes in the early days however; there are many ways to assist your child with this transiti
Useful Tips
​​Useful Tips Separation anxiety is normal in the early weeks, so don’t worry if your child seems upset at first. While there’s no magic formula to make separation anxiety miraculously  disappear, there are a few tips that can certainly help:  Take your chil
Why you feel upset during a toddler tantrum (and what to do about it).
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​​​​​Why you feel upset during a toddler tantrum (and what to do about it).​For more information on parenting visit
Stingless Bees Provide Rich Learning Opportunities - Little Scholars School of Early Learning
Bees are the darlings of the insect world and this weeks marks the launch of our Stingless Bee program at Little Scholars Ashmore and Little Scholars YatalaWhat are Stingless BeesStingless native bees enable children to safely explore, engage, learn and experience close up the social behaviours of
Supporting Our Community
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Our Kindergarten children had the opportunity to visit The Volunteer Marine Rescue at Jacobs Well recently.This was a great opportunity for us to further engage with the people and services within our community. The children got to visit the control room and listen in on some communication, they als
Bush Kinder coming to Little Scholars
We have an exciting new program coming to our centres on Fridays… Bush Kinder!Our bush kinder will provide a valuable natural kindergarten experience for 4-year-old kinder children enrolled at Little Scholars.A forest kindergarten is a type of preschool education for children held almost exclusive
How To Boost Your Child's Confidence: 10 Simple Ways
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Parents spend countless hours trying to make sure their kids are behaving, eating their dinner, and doing their homework. But how often do we take the time to focus on how to boost your child's confidence?Yes, most kids are far more interested in the eating rather than the preparing of foods, but yo
Little Scholars Family Cookbook – Out Now
We are excited to announce the release of our 1st Edition of our Little Scholars Family Cookbook. In Conjuction with our families and the Little Scholars community we have gathered all of our favourite recipes for everyone to share. From our schoolies, to our Chinese teacher, everyone has been invo
Our New Nature Walk at Little Scholars Yatala
Our recently created nature walk at Yatala is a hit for all classes to engage in group time, gatherings and exploration.The natural environment is an integral part of our program at Little Scholars, our educators plan a wide range of experiences outdoors to allow children to explore nature and the e
Why yoga for children is important
There is a lot of information on social media of late about the importance of yoga and wellbeing for children. For many people it is often seen as ‘alternative’ or ‘new age’. However, there is real proof that yoga can improve academic performances, de stress children and encourage healthy fo
Junior Yoga has started at Little Scholars
Junior Yoga started this week at Little Scholars Yatala and Little Scholars Stapylton.We love having Emma run this program for us as she specialises in mother and baby yoga.The Little Scholars loved the new activity including the big group hug at the end. 
Our first week at Little Scholars Stapylton
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Our first week at Little Scholars Stapylton was amazing. It reconfirms why we do what we do. Watching the faces of the new Little Scholars as they set about exploring the centre was wonderful. The Little Scholars got to feed the goldfish, plant vegetables seedlings, water the new plants and lots
Happy Feet Dance comes to Little Scholars
Interactive themed classes full of music, amazing costumes, props, magic games and laughter. Think Hi 5 meets the Wiggles.We are excited to announce this will be a weekly class starting Thursday 26th Feb, 2015.  
Little Scholars achieves new rating in sustainable practices
We are very proud of our Little Scholars team who have achieved Level 1 certificate for their sustainable practices .Small Green Steps has been designed to help embed sustainable practices into our service operations in order to meet National Quality Standard 3.3 contained in the National Quality F
Even more natural play environment at Little Scholars
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Did you know that Little Scholars School of Early Learning has over 900 square metres of real manicured grass for Children to enjoy?Gross Motor development and engage with nature and the environment. Here are some pics without any equipment set up so you can see just how much space we have...Not ma
Now offering Kool Kindy Cuts at Little Scholars
We have teamed up with Monique from Kool Kindy Cuts to offer hair cuts for your Little Scholars.We are always looking at ways we can increase the services we provide to our families and what better way to allow more quality family time on the weekends without this unnecessary hassle.Monqiue has over
Little Scholars supports Toy Appeal
Little Scholars School of Early Learning and Natural Elements ELC formed a partnership together to help the Rockabilly Riders collect items for their annual Christmas Appeal being held on Saturday 13th December 2014.We both set up baskets for donations in our foyer; the basket were for children to
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